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Thursday, February 1, 2007

And Iran, Iran so far away

I'm surprised there's not more interest about the Portland guy who's accused of selling Hawk missile parts to Iran. Anyway, here's his perp walk photo.

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You mean the local press? Please. Unless the guy's dealing meth or wants to build a new toy, they're not interested.

As for the national guys, they're just waiting for the official explanation so they can go back to fawning over Obama.

Unless anything changes, they're happy to let the blogosphere lead the way.

Fresh Meat! Fresh Meat!

Actually, I kind of feel sorry for the guy: he's only fulfilling our Iran-Contra contract. The Mullahs paid for a lifetime battery replacement guarantee (to the original purchasers). We can't back out now, can we?

I wonder if he ever worked at Langley? At he Air Force base (of course).

I hear Iran was trying to buy the batteries at Costco with a coupon.

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