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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy to be of help, but...

Today the O website credits us for providing that publication a "tip" on the story of the Portland export guy who's accused of running Hawk missile parts to Iran. We appreciate the credit, but are a little taken aback that they needed to hear about it from us. The story was on KGW's site first, and a number of other media outlets had it up as well, one as early as late Tuesday night our time.

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Apparently they're too stupid to click the links you provided in your original post about the issue...

One would think that if you're linking to something, that the information would have to already exist somewhere else.


God bless 'em, they're still not 100% on this whole Internet thingie.

I wonder how much they'll pay for my knowledge of Aqua Teen Hunger Force magnet locations in Portland. They don't seem to be doing well on their own...

Maybe they just have a crush on you, Jack.

You haven't yet been under the impression that the "mainstream media" trolls blogs for news tips?

I understand that, and I think it's nice to 'fess up and give a thank-you to whoever pointed you to something interesting. (BTW, thanks to Butterbean, who e-mailed me a tip about Letterman.)

But if you were the O, wouldn't you look at KGW before the blogs?

BTW, thanks to Butterbean, who e-mailed me a tip about Letterman.

But see, Buterbean owes his own tip of the cap to future ex-wife Whitney Matheson. Where does it all end?

And check out the clips from the very first show!

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