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Friday, February 2, 2007


The full moon is here, lending some additional visual drama to the crystal clear and crisp weather Portland has been experiencing. Winter's wimping out already, and there's a glimmer of daylight left at 6 p.m.

Next month, there'll be a total lunar eclipse; alas, it looks as though we won't get to see much, or any, of it in these parts. With any luck, however, we will be on the planet as it casts its shadow on its satellite for interested viewers in Africa.

In June, we'll get a blue moon -- two fulls within the same calendar month. It will have been nearly three years since the last one of those.

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The moon is so bright these days one can almost read by it!
Check this out for more loooney facts...

I love it when the moon is daylight bright, especially in the summer.

Nothing beats a moonlit picnic at 3 in the morning!

Yeah, it's pretty all right. But I hate having to shave my back and my palms.

It's fun for more than just picnics at 3:00 a.m., but that is strictly a summertime activity.

I think I'll watch Moonstruck tonight.

That Full moon marked the start of the Vietnamese New Year. When it comes New (the 18th) marks the start of Chinese New Year -- 4705, a Boar year.

(One of my all-time favorite backhanded put-downs was when Premier Deng Xioping visited us in 2000 and said, 'let us work together -- USA and China -- for another 20 centuries of peace and prosperity' ... like a 47-year-old congratulating a 20-year-old on 'longevity' ... and the 20-yr-old, President Clinton in this case, representing all of us, took it as a great compliment.)

A plug for an Oregon institution, (and you know I restrain my touting), HERE -- Quicksilver Productions in Ashland, sells just a wonderful array of astrological-smart Calendar and Diary/Appointment publication paraphenalia.

(While in the district of Ashland's Elizabethean antiquarianism, if you would like a peek into our future, it is HERE -- HomePower Magazine, another Made-in-Oregon publication I buy regularly, (Rich's, Petersen's), in pursuit of a truth I ascribe to: If you don't have electricity, make some. Or go without.)

2007's eclipse phenomena:
Lunar eclipse, March 3, Virgo 13 degrees
Solar eclipse, March 19, Pisces 28 "
Lunar eclipse, August 28, Pisces 5 "
Solar eclipse, September 11, Virgo 18 "

March 19's is visible in Alaska. August 28's is visible in North America as it begins before moonset but then sunrise interrupts viewing.

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