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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Portlander Robert Caldwell arrested!

But it's not the Oregonian editorial page editor. It's some other guy named Robert Caldwell, apparently an export broker of some sort, operating out of the 97209 zip code. And he's accused of trying to buy batteries for Hawk missiles, for sale to Iran.

Big no-no, Bob!

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So...Is this some kind of indication that Oliver North and John Poindexter have contacts in the Pearl?

Are Homer's projects hiding terra sympathizers?

Can we expect Dumbya to call in a surgical air strike on the Pearl? Did anybody suggest that SoWhat should be carpetbombed as a preventive security measure?

Oh...wait...Is this Caldwell a Republican? He is a "bidnessman".

It almost makes one wonder what else passed though this mans hands. And how long it would have taken to find him if we had still been part of the JTTF?

It looks like the bust was made in Texas, not in Portland. But where does he operate here? What else is he holding?

No, the Oregonian's Caldwell is the guy who did a head count of the editorial board, got a majority in favor of Kulongoski, and decided that the O would endorse Saxton anyway.

I was wondering where I'd heard that name before...

Watching that bit of tape on the tellyvision it was kind of creepy the way that guy was giving that gimlet-eyed look at the camera.

It's as I've always said; if you outlaw selling sensitive technology to Iran, only outlaws will live at the Vista Saint Clair.

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