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Thursday, August 4, 2011

ITunes iPhone freeze problem suddenly disappears

The situation we were battling with our iPhone -- iTunes would freeze when the phone was plugged into the computer -- is now completely gone, departed as abruptly as it arrived. Perhaps the issue was resolved with the recent iTunes update we installed -- we're now up to version 10.4. (The software on the phone is version 4.2.1.) Although we figured out ways to deal with it, good riddance to that hassle.

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Interesting, mine still locks up and I am on 10.4 as well. (But only if I run iTunes before I plug in the phone.)
For me, I think it is time to upgrade anyway. Particularly after the release of that new malware hack for stealing secure data over wifi. I have a 3G and Apple is not supporting it any longer with updates. Security or otherwise.

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