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Monday, July 4, 2011

More on iTunes freezing when iPhone plugged in

We continue to run into problems syncing our iPhone with iTunes on our Vista computer. For the complete tale of woe, start here. Today none of the tricks we've developed to deal with the iTunes freeze were working, but we tried another one, and it got the job done: We plugged the phone into a different computer of ours -- a laptop running Vista -- and turned on iTunes. The phone purported to sync with the laptop iTunes. Then we unplugged it from the laptop and plugged it into the desktop computer that we've been trying to get it to sync to. Voila! Go figure.

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Hmmm. Anytime some one mentions Windoze Vista and a software conflict problem I suspect Vista.

Have you an olde machine running XP? If so, does the synch function operate under XP?

Conversely, a newer machine with Windoze 7? Same question?

I have Windows 7, and iTunes froze the other day when I plugged my 3G in too. I just unplugged it and waited a few seconds, then plugged it back in and all was well.

Hi there,
First a hint: I suspect you are on the right track with USB devices causing the conflict. I run the newest version of iTunes as of 7/19/2011 and get the freezing problem all the time (also have an iPhone 3G) on windows 7, 64-bit. It is *NOT* Vista (I hate when people assume upgrading fixes the problem!). I used to work at Microsoft, I know my way around a computer.

Instead of rebooting, you can close itunes and do this: Start --> Run (or just type in manually) --> services.msc --> search for "Apple Mobile Device" service, and restart it (right-click->restart). Then start itunes again. This doesn't fix things, it's just faster than a reboot.

For me, I fixed the freezing problem today by unplugging my USB *webcam* and restarting the apple mobile device service, and now itunes finally sees my iphone.

Finally, trying a different physical USB port (on the same computer) can definitely help, because driver bindings appear to be specific to the USB port you use.

And it is certainly apple's fault - it is their product that doesn't work! They probably have naff detection logic in their shoddy device driver on windows, and no error collection / log collection service to learn that so many users are hitting this. Grr.


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