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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Earth moving again at Scotts Mills

The scene of the spring break 1993 6.0 earthquake east of Salem has seen a couple of small shakers in the past 24 hours -- a 2.2 yesterday afternoon, and a 1.6 last evening. There was also a 2.0 in Dundee overnight Tuesday night. Small is good.

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Hopefully these are small releases of pressure, in order to prevent one massive release of pressure.

I'm no geologist / vulcanologist, I only play one on the Internet.

Those new quakes are likely connected.

If you remember the 1993 quake, it dropped the bridge over the Yamhill River at Dayton on Hwy 18

Just one more reason to buy EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE for your home, before the residential insurance companies make it unavailable in Oregon. Keep in mind that in earthquake prone places like California; it's almost impossible to get.

More action reported here.

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