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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Long wait for Wu successor election

Since several Democrats are jockeying for the now-vacant congressional seat, the governor has decided to throw a primary election on November 8, and the general election on January 31. That's a six-month vacancy in a two-year term of office. What a mess.

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I'm surprised that the political hack in the Governor's office isn't trying to put another faithful Democrat right back into that seat as fast as possible, in order to bring home an extra portion of dwindling congressional pork.

After all, you can't buy a vote with pork, if the seat is empty.

Any theories on why Kitzhaber is slow-tracking this?

Cylvia needs time to fund raise.

Don't think that district is not stupid enough to go for it if she got the D imprimatur.

I have more than a clear conscience on this. I supported the legendary Will Hobbs against Wu a couple of cycles back. Will even helped out by appearing on my cable access show as a substitute co-host while the late, great James Shibley battled his medical nightmare.
Will would be perfect for the job of Congressman. He has a good heart and a great life to draw on that includes singing for the band Wheatfield and working for Intel. During the campaign, he dazzled the Willamette Week and got their endorsement, and pretty much offered the voting public exactly what they needed.

Unfortunately, he lost to the incumbent so what did we get? An international embarrassment for Oregon, and what sounds like a pill-popping, tiger-suit-wearing, sex maniac.

I don't know if Will is still interested but we could do worse.

The O says it has to be 80 days after the resigation to have a primary. Otherwise the parties just appoint nominees. Ill take the november primary.

what a huge waste of money , how many teachers can we pay with that dough?

This guy leaped at the delusion he could win in a cake walk, but he should have looked where he was going . . . alas, in only 15 minutes of free radio airtime Lars Larson smudged his trademark Blackhearted Kiss of Political Death on the foolish fellow.

C'mon Dems, field a worthwhile winner.

Why January?

Why not...oh...say...November? The time of year when we usually have a general election?

Government waste at its finest. Surely having an election in just three months is still PLENTY of time to do your campaigning business.

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