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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The rest of the 'dogs are now up

Players in our charity 'dog pool, check out the four lines that were missing this morning:

8.5 JACKSONVILLE at San Diego
2 KANSAS CITY at Cleveland
2. NEW YORK JETS vs. New England
1.5 CINCINNATI vs. Baltimore

And so here's the final, full card for this week:

13.5 BUFFALO at Green Bay
8.5 JACKSONVILLE at San Diego
8.5 CHICAGO at Dallas
7 ARIZONA at Atlanta
5.5 MIAMI at Minnesota
5.5 PITTSBURGH at Tennessee
5.5 NEW YORK GIANTS at Indianapolis
4.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. New Orleans
4 ST. LOUIS at Oakland
3.5 DETROIT vs. Philadelphia
3.5 SEATTLE at Denver
2.5 WASHINGTON vs. Houston
2 TAMPA BAY at Carolina
2 KANSAS CITY at Cleveland
2. NEW YORK JETS vs. New England
1.5 CINCINNATI vs. Baltimore

In related news, we've got 30 players paid up as of this evening. And so at least $600 will go to the real winners, worthy charities picked by our players at season's end.

Comments (8)

Nobody said this was going to be easy. The NFL has a strange way of breaking your hearts.

I have high hopes for another winner this week.

KC is an underdog at CLE?

I guess I can understand the 2 point underdog line since KC was at home and will now be on the road, and they looked like crap offensively (one of their three TDs was a pick-6, one of them was after a 3 play 12 yard drive after a fumble, and the other TD was a 3 play 69 yard drive). Maybe Charlie Weis isn't as good as ND and now KC hoped? Or maybe it's the personnel: Cassell's was good in replacement of Tom Brady, but he had a great supporting cast. A 68 QB rating won't cut it.

I still agree with you though: Cleveland appears inept so far this season (and last season, and, and ...).

AKevin - where the hell is Cleveland anyway? I cannot find it on a map. (j/k in case anyone needs to be told that)

The pick is in. Even though I picked up some points last week, 2.5 points at a time (AKA dinking and dunking down the field) isn't going to get the job done, especially with the absolute bombs that were thrown at the end of the season (I think there were a couple of weeks where people picked up 14 points at a time!).

I'll be moving up come the end of this week. Believe that. I'm willing to put all of nothing on it!

My favorite Cleveland moment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN0WqSeCKW8

Got an error message when I hit post ... sorry for the double.

And now it's gone. Anyway, I guess I'll stop talking to myself and get back to work.

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