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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too soon, my 'dogs

Not all of the betting lines are available for this weekend's pro football games, and so players in our charity underdog pool will probably want to hold off making their selections for a bit. But the games we have so far are posted below.

Speaking of which, there's still time for anyone to enter. Sure, nine of our players have already scored points, but not many points. And besides, it's a season-long pool, with 19 weeks left. More than two thirds of our 30 or so entrants came up short this past weekend, and so you've got lots of company if you're starting off fresh this week.

The official rules are here. Just send in your entry fee -- all proceeds to charity -- and you'll be off and running. Shoot me an e-mail message if you're interested in hopping on board.

Without further ado (or is it adieu?), here are the Week 2 'dog lines so far. Players, don't forget to e-mail your pick (just one per week) to the official e-mail address, underdog@bojack.org:

13.5 BUFFALO at Green Bay
8.5 CHICAGO at Dallas
7 ARIZONA at Atlanta
5.5 MIAMI at Minnesota
5.5 PITTSBURGH at Tennessee
5.5 NEW YORK GIANTS at Indianapolis
4.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. New Orleans
4 ST. LOUIS at Oakland
3.5 DETROIT vs. Philadelphia
3.5 SEATTLE at Denver
2.5 WASHINGTON vs. Houston
2 TAMPA BAY at Carolina

The four teams who played last night don't have their lines out yet. We'll update as soon as we have them:

Baltimore at Cincinnati TBA
Kansas City at Cleveland TBA
Jacksonville at San Diego TBA
New England at New York Jets TBA

UPDATE, 8:17 p.m.: The full slate is now available, here.

Comments (2)

Boy is Chicago a tempting pick ... if they could avoid 4 turnovers and gain a yard at the goal-line ...

I agree AK, if i was in Vegas I'd be tempted to take them and the points. My problem with these picks is I need to keep emotions out of these games because I CAN"T STAND Jay Cutler....

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