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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another beaut from Corporate America

Now that consumers have wisely decided to shun products made with high fructose corn syrup, Big Food is going to change the name of that loathsome substance to "corn sugar." Heaven forbid that people should ever know what they're eating.

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The bottom line is sugar is not something our systems are designed to accept. I try to limit my sugar intake to less than fifteen grams per day. It is difficult, but it keeps weight off.

I believe that lower sugar, not "carbs", not "low-fat", or any other diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

My intake of 170 grams of protein per day, combined with low sugar and moderate carbohydrates is the difference between a high cholesterol and diabetic body and a highly athletic body that fuels the body in an efficient and moderate manner.

Once it is renamed, products will say "Contains No High Fructose Corn Syrup!"

Alpenrose is using this term on their chocolate milk already. They supply PPS so it's in all the schools labeled as "corn sugar."

Don't get me started on having chocolate milk in the schools in the first place!

Hey, at least they are buying Alpenrose...

its not particularly worse for you than cane sugar. if at all. its better for you than agave syrup.

so why not change its name?


Because the name was just fine with them until it developed a bad reputation. Now all of a sudden, they want to be "more accurate."

Why make them even say "corn"?

Well for those allergic to corn, they actually do have to say corn but maybe they will lobby for maize next.

call it what they want, just stop the heavy subsidization!

It only developed a bad reputation because of hippies with a hatred of "big corporations" and government subsidizing them. The hysteria has anything to do with anyone's health.

I can consume cane sugar, but am highly sensitive to products that have high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient. It distresses me that the food industry wants to keep using HFCS, as under current circumstances I can't drink most of the soft drinks that are on the market. It is obvious that HFCS costs far less than cane sugar, as otherwise the food companies wouldn't fight so hard to keep using HFCS. If ending corn subsidies would make cane sugar more price-competitive, then I'm all for that.

Hey, it worked for Altria and Verizon. In both cases, the original company names were so befouled that, as one consultancy pointed out to GTE, changing the name and all of the side effects was still cheaper than fixing the old company name. In GTE's case, the consultants pointed out that no amount of money could fix it. Same deal here, and people will fall for this, too.

I take it you are not allergic to corn Jon and that you don't know anyone who is. And you base your "truth" on that?

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