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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Just another day at the network

Governor Ted had to kick Neil off the state higher ed board, of course. But now word has reached us that he's appointing the next best guy: the Scone himself. Jim Bob did such a great job of sneaking in that sale of part of Mount Tabor Park to a private college -- who knows what wonders he will work running the state's public universities?

Another fresh new face from our illustrious leader. Endorsed for mayor by both Goldschmidt's wife and his ex-wife! And by Tom Moyer's secretary. Oh, well. It could have been a lot worse.

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This seals my view of Ted into the negative forever.

It's just a bunch of guys with no credentials about anything perpetuating their own power, with corruption all around. Maybe that's what government is all over the world, but it's sad that Oregon, which holds itself out as different, isn't.

I hope he was thoroughly vetted for embarassing little statutory crimes that got buried by a pile o' cash.

Wouldn't it look bad if lightning strikes this appointment twice in a row.

Dear God, can't any of these guys get a job in the real world?

Dear Steve,

I recommend a public hearing to answer all of your questions.

See, God does have a sense of humor.


The Mercury joins The Network?

Guess who won the Mercury's weekly pair of tickets to the Laurelhurst and lunch for best Letter to the Editor?

Mr. Francesconi, for his lavish praise of all things Tram in Amy's article last week. ME, on the other hand, with MY letter just above his, complaining about Amy's constant bitch-slapping of neighborhood associations...me, I get bupkiss.

I'm v-e-r-y disappointed...

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