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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sheriff XOXO

More comedy from the Bernie Files.

UPDATE, 10:45 a.m.: A reader e-mails us with this, which he sent to the O reporter:

Hundreds of phone calls? Any from a county-paid cell phone of Bernie's? Did you ask, or is this another Oregonian white wash of a local pol?

Comments (10)

Ethics investigation is the new term-of-art for "cover-up."

We hear all the excuses: "we haven't the staff"; "we haven't the funding"; "we only looked at issues of illegality."

We'll never get accountability without some place to report unethical conduct where it might actually be looked at. For instance, the City of Portland Code of Ethics and Administrative Rules require employees to report what they perceive to be violations. At the same time, there is zero requirement for the people you report any violations to to report back on any issues you raise. It's nothing but a black hole. And it leaves "whistle blowers" feeling very, very vulnerable.

That creeps like Giusto can now point to an "investigation" that "clears" them sends a pretty piss-poor message about how seriously we take this stuff.

Once you get past that sick feeling, you might as well laugh about it. Driving the guy's car, insisting on being around when he was with his daughters, being cc'd when the kids hit him up for money, "XOXO" -- you can't make stuff like this up. It's like Andy of Mayberry meets Tony Soprano meets Corporal Agarn.

The Department of Justice ended its 18-month corruption investigation last month...

Department of Justice...now that's funny!

Over at the other end of the extremes in our so-called
"law-enforcement" we have Robert King bemoaning the
fact that cops have a "public image" problem and he is
essentially pleading for us all to just "lighten up" and to
just see things his way and trust 'em.

This is FUNNY! Don't these knuckledraggers ever read
their newspapers and try to get clued in on the reality
that smacks the rest of us in the face?

As long as morally-challenged doofuses like Bernie-the-
Banger gets a free-ride--along with his errand staff of
"secret" BOTS members--it will do far more to taint the
cops than all the bull$hit King can toss out to us. King
should quit wasting his time defending these clowns and
start putting same effort in cleaning up house...rid them-
selves of the trash they've accumulated.

Welcome to the age of moral relativism.

This is what the righty-tighties have been carping about all these year: moral values are applicable only within cultural boundaries or in the context of individual preferences. There is no right and wrong, no black and white, only infinite shades of bland gray.

Sheriff Samurai was merely testing his sword: exploring the limits of his public power in an intimate setting with an unknowning/unwilling participant (JJ).

It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is...

In times past, the Sheriff would have resigned in disgrace if an adulterous affair became public. But not today, where the new morality requires evidence of criminal wrongdoing (or the lower standard: violation of personnel policies). The Sheriff is just a man...with human needs, emotions, and failings... He was merely walking in the wake of a failed marriage, trying to help an old friend...and (Shazzam!) found himself falling in love. Sure it looks bad, but he's recovering from childhood trauma and trying to fill the void of an absent parent's love, neglect, abuse, etc.

If he was really behaving badly he can check into rehab, or announce he was sexually abused as a child. If it captures the public's attention, it's on to the Today Show...a Book Deal...sell the Film rights...get invited to the Grammys...Move to L.A., and one day your sitting in the Green Room with Monica, or Tonya, or Pamela, and you get that creepy feeling of having done something that can't be undone. These are your peers.

No matter how skanky the feeling, you can always stand for reelection in Multnomah County in the Land of Oz.

Reading the ex Mrs. J's comments I thought for a second there she was talking about Travis McGee.

Can't they get him for approving the gun license for JJ? That was illegal, right?

I just sent the below by E mail to Multnomah County Chair Ted Wheeler; Commissioners Rojo de Steffey; Cogan; Naito and Roberts, and to County Auditor Griffi - Valade.

How about we innundate the County Board and Auditor with demands that they get back the money Bernie's hundreds and hundreds of phone calls to his girlfriebd cost us?

E mail contact information for the County Board and Aditor is at:


"The Oregonian is reporting that Giusto made hundreds ad hundreds of phone calls back and forth to his then married girlfriend.

"Hundreds of phone calls? Any from a county paid cell phone of Bernie's?

"You are aware that the PPB in years past had literally a dozen or more high ranking comanders -- in */addition/* to Foxworth -- get in serious trouble for misuse of city paid cell phones for personal calls? The City forced the officers to reimburse for the calls.

"Do you see the potential pattern here of cheesy -- at best -- conduct by local law enforcement commanders?

"Will you look into Berni'e cell phone use? Will you get our taxpayer dollars back from Bernie for his use of county phone resources to woo his girlfriend?

"The City of Portland did with its cops.

"Have you no curiosity, no investigative insdtinct?

"Time for the county legislators, chair and auditor to step up, get our money back from Bernie."

Maybe he used a Tri-Met phone. He's the secretary of the Tri-Met board.

"Can't they get him for approving the gun license for JJ? That was illegal, right?" I saw somewhere that he went against all of the rules and approved it at the outset. JJ's wife heard a voicemail that it was going to be issued, pitched a fit to Bernie because of the past spousal abuse, etc., and THEN Bernie decided to yank the issuance of the permit.

It's just sad that there were no viable alternatives for the voters last November, so now we have this JOKE for a sheriff for four more years. Hopefully more qualified people will take notice and step up to the plate next time around. A recall petition would also be a good idea if someone out there is ambitious enough to take it on.

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