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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Are you like me? Do you love the Dave?

Tonight's the silver anniversary, but the man is comedy gold.

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Jeez...great video, like I needed yet another reason to be hanging out in bed today. Gotta admit the guy was good.

These days, though, if I'm up late, I'm way more likely to watch Jay Leno to maybe catch some Bill McDonald jokes if I'm lucky.

It's a battle of the funny writers -- Bill McD. vs. Bob Borden on Letterman.

The coolest thing in comedy from my immediate world was my Uncle Ted getting caught in a revolving door with Groucho Marx.
The second coolest thing was Jack getting a letter on the Late Show wth David Letterman.

Yes, I really got on board for Dave's CBS days.

As stage manager with NBC (and then later at CBS), my uncle helped Letterman get his courage up when he first got started as a kid. A zillion years ago, before the live taping of the Mary Tyler Moore shows, Letterman was chosen once for a short term gig to come out and try a few jokes out in order to warm up the crowd. It was his very first gig and the short term gig was eventually extended several times.

Uncle Willie used to tell me stories about having to, in the beginning, pep talk Dave time and time again into getting up the courage and going and out there on stage. Dave finally got the hang of it.

In later years Willie in LA and (Late Night stage manager) Biff Henderson in NY used to team up and play practical jokes on Letterman.

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