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Friday, September 28, 2012

Watch out where the huskies go

When skiing in Arizona, keep your mouth closed, especially if you fall.

And hope that Portland City Hall doesn't see that story -- it's just "green" enough that they'll have the stuff all over town.

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Well it is treated sewage water.The melt water coming off that snow is likely better than the melt water coming off the Timberline ski area snowfield during the summer considering how much salt is put on that snowfield.

That's nuts! Yeah, the tons of salt from the snowmaking is bad, but endocrine disruptors and antibiotic-resistant gene mutations are horrific problems with using "recycled" sewage water.

New Study Finds Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Genes in Flagstaff’s Reclaimed Water
Water in America, Water Research & Reports

Reclaimed wastewater faces new scrutiny

Notable excerpt:

The city states that Arizona regulations are silent on the kinds of elements found in this research, which is accurate -- nor are they regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Or maybe they could just wake up to the absurdity of skiing in the desert.

Man that whole area is short on water, expect many more water downgrades and shenanigans in the future.

We know where there are water shortages, big question is what will happen to ours? We take it for granted and it doesn't seem like our elected officials are doing much to protect our public water, such as in the gorge with Nestles. Governor Kitzhaber has received 30,000 communications about this, so far to no avail. Perhaps Food and Water Watch can update.

Yeah, we should only use new water, not the used stuff.

Water...the new oil!

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