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Friday, September 28, 2012

Un-Mitt-igated fiction?

This year, The Oregonian will not be endorsing a candidate for president. The access and close observation that inform our endorsements for state and local offices and Congress do not apply in a national race; our CNN-level view of the presidential race is similar to everyone else's.

Translation: The right-winger currently running the paper, fresh in from Orange County, wanted to endorse Romney, but the Newhouse suits in New Jersey told him he can't do that because circulation in blue, blue Portland is bad enough as it is.

Speaking of which, a friend of ours who still subscribes to the dead tree version of the Portland daily says the renewal notice he recently received runs only through next summer -- no option to re-up for beyond that. Sounds like another sign of something that we all know is coming.

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No endorsement from the Oregonian. Truly a Profile in Courage.

Please, save that label for true heroes, like Dan Saltzman. Never forget the bravery that brought us the SoWhat District.

You can't blame them, can you?

How many Romney signs have you seen around Portland lawns? Anyone who did would be lucky to have it simply removed in the night and not have their home or car in the driveway vandalized. This is Portland.

Unsurprisingly, the new editorial page editor appears to be cut from the same right-wing cloth as the publisher. Since he's assumed command, you very rarely see Paul Krugman columns. That void has been filled by the bi-weekly musings of a Young Republican from Lake Oswego (I assume there's no charge for those) and a step-up in the frequency of opines by Charles Krauthamer. The liberal voice is all too often that of second-tier Beltway columnist Dana Milbank.

Mr. Grumpy, anyone who removes your Romney lawn sign or bumper sticker is only trying to do you a favor.

They seem to be closer to the bojackian views on Clackamas County.

I wonder if they will stand aside from the commissioner races?

Those two races could not be more cold blooded opposites.

Shadow government scoundrels Damon and Lehan are all about all things Metro and TriMet while concealing all of their real selves from voters.
Look at their voter pamphlet statements.


Not one mention of their track record, proud decisions, real agenda or their real intentions.

They are trying to get re-elected with deception. They carefully craft their campaigns so that the average voter has no ability to connect them with the regime voters have been rejecting.

Allan, you make false assumptions about my politics and perfectly underline the very point I trying to make, that Portland is politically intolerant.

Thank you, Mr. Grumpy. I do my best.

Arghhh, I hate trying to type grammatically correct responses on an iPhone.

Now now Allan and Grumpy, I think we can all agree that being outraged right now is perfectly understandable. The fire and brimstone rhetoric is dialed up to eleven for sure. It's crazy. I had to just turn the news off.

I don't even think that the Newhouse suits are worried about the circulation any more. I suspect they're much more worried about retaining what advertisers they can still get for the O. With that in mind, punting on the endorsement makes even more sense. A Romney endorsement might not affect the few readers remaining, but you can bet that the advertisers would be pummelled with vague threats of boycotts until they stopped running ads in the paper. This is aggravated by the number of young retirees with no interest in doing business with the advertisers, but who have unlimited time to harangue businesses for daring to make "the wrong decision". (I even heard an acronym for this sort of reaction the other day: "HBH," short for "hipster butt hurt.")

As I pointed out before, the Oregonian has been diversifying for some time, publishing upscale glossy magazines ala Portland Monthly about beer, style, etc. that are only distributed to "select" addresses. Since I live near the base of the West Hills I often see these slick brown-nosing mags in the recycling bins where those who could afford to go to the recent admission-only FEAST and other event live. I don't receive them because, apparently the "O" has some way of tracking income or deciding which blocks are low-income and don't matter.

Mr. Grumpy, anyone who removes your Romney lawn sign or bumper sticker is only trying to do you a favor.

I hope they tell that to the cops. Sounds like a very convincing argument to me.

An Editorial is suppose to encourage discussion between opposing points of view. There seems to be plenty of name calling going on, on both sides. Here is the problem the Obama supporters, and the Romney supporters refuse to discuss or share any common view or issues. The ONLY way these differences can and will be vetted is if both sides decide that our government does to much which creates desertion, because it simply offers to many services, and interferes to much in our daily life.

Romney is going to steal the election so why does he need any endorsements?

Triffid - I hear a lot of youth hate going on. Not just on this blog but in general. I want to point out that the belief by the 'elders' that the youth is lazy and lacking in direction and common sense is as old as time. I cannot find the passage, but one of the early Greek philosophers talked about it, one of the SPA group (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle).

I'm 33 and an attorney. If you are wondering about my bias. I taught a bit of high school and was amazed at all the yammering about 'pick a direction' the educators and everyone did. The kids ended up tuning it out, and rightly so. Who knows what to do at 16? 20? 25 even.

Surely the responses to this little passage will start with, "Well when I was that age I didn't bla bla bla with the yackity schmackity..." Sure you didn't, but your parents still thought your generation was essentially useless, and so it goes over and over throughout the history of mankind.

The ONLY way these differences can and will be vetted is if both sides decide that our government does to[o] much which creates desertion, because it simply offers to[o] many services, and interferes to[o] much in our daily life.

So much for entering this discussion with an open mind.

I suspect they're planning to enter the micropublishing game. I read that they plan to set up shop in Forest Grove, which really upsets the Pamplin folks. I'm not sure that there are enough government press releases there to feed the re-printers, but certainly they'll try to strip ads away.

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