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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stenchy officially installed as City of Portland mascot

The announcement was made at a brief ceremony in the lobby of the Portland Building this afternoon. City sustainability director Susan Anderson unveiled a statue honoring the lead ambassador of the city's highly successful mandatory food composting program. "We are pleased to have every visitor to our building greeted by this seminal figure," Anderson said. "He is a living symbol of our commitment to a better planet for us, for our children, and for the millions of future Portlanders who seek refuge here from climate change."

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Wow. Spelled backwards is wow.

Is that real, or is Jack now re-posting stories from the Onion?

What can they be thinking?

TODave....They be thinking that which is stinking.

Nice likeness, and I bet it wasn't easy getting Stenchy to pose that long.

Practically life-size!

That's right outside my office building on Park and 53rd, NYC

Can we vote for him for Mayor?

Its for the CHILDREN!!!!

To teach them what will come and get them if they don't recycle.

Has the city started to fluoridate the slop buckets for the baby rodents' healthy teeth?

Next . . . .Rose Parade Grand Marshal.

Yay, Stenchy! I didn't have my camera yesterday when I saw a Waste Management truck drive by with a notice emblazoned on its side about how they were somehow creating wildlife habitat. I don't think life can get much wilder for the rats, mice and other various vermin gathered around the slop buckets and their destination -- compost heaven.

Has the city started to fluoridate the slop buckets for the baby rodents' healthy teeth?

Very fitting that Stenchy was installed yesterday as symbolic of the council hearing orchestrated by Sam/Rand on the fluoride issue. Not only were the Mayor and council lobbied by the pro-fluoride group, but they also had a special seating reserved for the pro-fluoride group in the council chambers and a special panel performance to Leonard's delight. The whole affair went on for hours before those who were opposed to speak, those with expertise on the subject given 3 minutes, no special seating or panel for them!!
Fish showed his allegiance being very friendly to the pro fluoride folks as he walked into the chambers, and came up with his thank you to Randy and then his usual arrogant lecture! Have to hand it to Saltzman who appeared annoyed with the doings and indicated it was time to begin to hear the public!

It was reported to me that one citizen was quite angry in her testimony with Sam because he mocked those who opposed fluoride.

In my opinion, the hearing was so ludicrous that I am surprised they didn't make every citizen take a shot of fluoride before entering the chambers.

If anyone is interested, you can watch these hearings on your computer, the day of the hearing and/or wait a few days until in a video section on portlandonline.com

The day before, this council (except for Fritz) voted for another $57 million towards a tank in Kelly Butte!! You can watch this session, it should soon be on council video, council was downright nasty to the citizens who have been trying to save our Bull Run water and reservoirs.

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