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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oregon Supreme Court to hear Clackamas bond case

Another big victory for the Clackistani rebels.

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Does this also block the "private placement" mentioned earlier on this blog?


Jack, the order you linked to doesn't say that the supreme court will hear the case on the merits, but it's almost as important: it says that for now the county can't sell the bonds while the court decides if it is going to make a decision on the merits. In effect it freezes the bond process in place for a few days.

Depending on the Oregon court's ruling, it may or may not be a victory.

However, just last Friday the Hawaiian Supreme Court halted the highly controversial Honolulu LRT on procedural violations.

The election is a week from Tuesday. Any delay is a major victory for the rebels.

It's not clear whether the court's reference to the "bond sale" includes the private placement. To me, it does, but that's just me.

If the county did not have legal authority to sell bonds to the public -- which is what the court case has been about, at least until yesterday -- then unless I'm missing something, it doesn't have legal authority to do a bank loan, either. Both variants of the transaction either are authorized by ORS 271.390 or they aren't.



In all these postings about MLR there are also several other legal matters developing concerning MLR that hopefully will affect many other issues around our region as to how government has intentionally circumvented law. Unfortunately we have to apply the law without the help of Commissioners, DA's, Judges and Attorney Generals leading. There will be setbacks along this road, but the cat is out of the bag.

So did Clack County get a whiff of this and pull the bond sale anticipating? Not that I trust them at all.

There is only one thing that the Portland Political Machine pays any attention to, and that's court orders. You need lawyers, and that takes money.

Thank you THELMA !!

You have helped turn on the lights and scatter the Cockroaches. These weasles (CCBC) are running out of time for their BS. This decision is not checkmate, however is clearly check and very troubling to the establishment.

As far as the delisting of the bond sale for today I think that the underwriters and market makers pulled the sale due to the hassles. Why would you be a party to a potential lawsuit and a rescinded issue for a small bond sale? Yeah, I would like to call my client and explain how the muni's I just sold him have been cancelled. TOO much hassle.

It's often inappropriate to leap to conclusions, which seems to be what the Clacky commissioners did. So deep is their disdain for the great unwashed that they appear to have assumed that they could pull off a sudden bond-sale, and nobody could stop them.

Disdain for the great unwashed seems to be part and parcel of the liberal/leftist mind-set: "Gavel Down!" Of course, that was in vancouver, but the uniting principle seems apparent.

And also a shout out, with props and kudus, to Jim Westwood for stepping up to represent the plaintiff and the taxpayers' interests.

westwood represents positively clackamas,the rail supporters and the enemies of voters.

How could you be so confused

Theo, things are not always along party lines. I'm pretty darned left and am opposed to MLR, CRC, Fluoridation and many of the games in play. Some because of their merit, but most because of the weasel-like manipulation of the system for the gain of the few. A registered TeaParty friend of mine is amazed at how often we do agree, especially on the local shenanigans. Don't drink the kool-aid and make things unnecessarily partisan: divide and conquer is one of the tools of these grifters. Sometimes we can agree to agree.

This opposition represents every side of the political fence.

You've got to be a moron to not see how impeachable this 'mystery train' is.

It's an insult to all of our intelligence.

They're gonna spend $1.5 billion at the same time they are raising fares and cutting routes.

There are a lot of stupid Americans but even they can see this is an affront to our sensibilities.

Well, all I have to say is "Next Stop - Tigard"!

Zeb, I agree. I'm neither left nor "tighty-righty", as some here like to refer to anyone who doesn't adhere to the liberal mold. I'm centrist. I sat out the last election because I couldn't even flip a coin and vote for McCain nor Obama.

Kool-aid isn't on my drink list.

Thelma is a rock star! Way to go, Thelma.

Just to pile on:
The Vancouver developer's association (AKA: Identity Clark County) just came out against the tax increase, on the county ballot this November, to pay to operate light rail in Vancouver!

They are still big light rail supporters, but want some tax other than a sales tax increase to pay for it. (One suspects some of their members fear losing more business to Portland!)


Could this be lining up to be a North/South victory over Metro?



Sarcasm mode. Sorry I confused you.

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