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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mmmmm... urban bicycling and alcohol...

What could go wrong?

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Am I the only one who hears Johnny Knoxville around the corner, laughing his ass off?


And just last week, I watched a traffic patrol officer pull over and ticket two bicyclists for blowing through a stop light.

It will be interesting seeing the PPD enforce the law that bicycles are vehicles and all laws regarding vehicles on Portland (and Oregon) streets apply to bicycles and their operators. If you're stopped and you blow .08 or more, it's a DUI cite...watch your insurance rates fly.

Riders are only supposed to have a 6-ounce sample of beer at each of the 25 bars on the tour.

What could go wrong?"

It'll work out about the same as it does for those that drive to and from the bars.

Biking drunk is much more likely to physically harm the cyclist than a pedestrian or driver, however. (That doesn't make it right.)

Maybe if you put in some earbuds on the way home in the dark in your black hipster suit, the music will help you stabilize.

What could go wrong? They might run out of beer ...

Self publishing a book about beer tasting by bike passes for business activity in Portland. What a joke.

dg, look at the bright side. With the book's intended audience, everyone will blog about it, but the actual number of sales should be around 15 or so.

Maybe this will help to push up sales of tandem bikes, so you can have a designated driver take you on the beer tours.

I had a client that had 2 DUI's. Drinking was a real problem. He sold his car, his license was suspended anyway, and bought a bike. He did well for awhile.

He got his 3rd DUI on that bike and went to jail.

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