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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mayor Creepy really losing it toward the end

Now he's going to move Portland city offices out to Gateway. Yeah, that will work.

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It's a frantic, pointless sprint to a legacy. Meanwhile, he'll always be known for the garbage thing. He's the reverse Pied Piper using his magic flute to lure the rats back to Portland.

What a legacy: It's not every politician who can claim to make an entire city smell worse.

using his magic flute

Please. This is a family blog.

Good concept. Putting government offices closer to the center of the city, closer to where most residents live...not downtown where many residents do not go.

Bad execution. Outrageously overpriced, over-built project, "sustainability" peppered throughout, "green" meaning the color of money, yet another property-tax-exempt building used to "prop up" transit showing that MAX itself does not and cannot sustain organic growth and ridership.

closer to the center of the city

Really? Can you imagine trying to get there from West Slope?

What about all the vacant space the city owns? And what about all the space the city currently occupies?
Sounds to me like the firm from Abu Dahbi who wants to build the Sustainability Center has some serious cash that needs laundering.

I head Wapato jail is still empty.
Just put them all there..

Good idea tankfixer! They all belong there anyway!

Did the Saltzmans have a tenant in Gateway break their lease?

Creepy is trying to take advantage of the excellent mental health benefits given to COP personnel. He clearly needs high powered meds.

Can you imagine trying to get there from West Slope?

Just because you have a Portland ZIP Code, doesn't mean you live in Portland.

West Slope is in Washington County. Not sure why you'd be needing the services of Portland City Hall...other than to protest Mayor Creepy's continual need to pretend that City Hall is the sole governmental body for anything within a 200 mile radius.

Bridlemile, West Slope, it's all the same to me. The point is that Gateway isn't near the center of town.

Taking the furthermost north, south, east and west points on this city map, I place the center of Portland at NE 7th and Knott (45.541675, -122.658420).

Would be interesting to find out where this "Portland city office"
were to be located out there and who owns the property?
Can't be because he cares about the people out there?

"It's for the Children"

It may be for Equity!!

If it's more indebtedness, it certainly is "for the children".

Hey...They have parking out there, don't they? It's close to the freeway, too, and, there's an offramp.

You all just don't have the time to analyze any decision CoP needs to make regarding anything. At least that's what the Admiral and his buddies think according to his recent statement in the Fish Wrapper, qote most Portlanders are too busy with work, kids and responsibilities to analyze tough issues and reach an informed decision.

And that, he argued, is what voters elected him and his colleagues to do.

"I think," he said, "this is the way it's supposed to be."

Randy's mistake is thinking that it's his job to make decisions for the electorate.

WRONG! His job is to represent the electorate.

Portland voters have refused to fluoridate their water each time they were permitted to vote on the question.

This is no different than if Salem just imposed an 8% sales tax on all goods and services, despite multiple votes and opinion polls demonstrating it violates the will of the people.

Randy is only doing this now because he is a lame duck, and won't suffer the wrath of the voters for spitting in their faces. Just like Dr. No refusing to follow our death penalty law. Just like Multnomah County failing to open Wapato, despite the passage of an operating levy to do just that. It's Fiat Government.

Moving city offices out of downtown has been talked about for years. I think the biggest hurdle has been the expense and logistics of moving, as well as overcoming the inertia of "we've always done it this way." But it ought to save the City rent (for instance, the Bureau of Development Services leases space from PSU), and even though it might be farther away for some citizens, Gateway is pretty easy to access and parking is currently free and plentiful.

I'm not sure how much it will help to revitalize the area, although I expect that the food carts will experience an uptick in sales.

I place the center of Portland at NE 7th and Knott (45.541675, -122.658420).

OK, geographically you're correct. That's good for all those trees in Forest Park that need to get permits issued for...um...encroaching on public property?

Does anyone have a map that shows the population center of Portland? I'm still betting it's further east...not too many people live in Rivergate, and more people live in Lents than Linnton.

Michelle, you got it backwards. Bureau of Development Services, the City of Portland, us taxpayers built the 1900 SW 4th building. Then Sam/Randy wanted to do another great idea project, gave it to PSU to get the equity for the project and now pays rent. That's the real story.

The City may still own the 1900 Building. There are several vacant floors in that building, and I believe some of the facilities scenarios by the City include selling the building in order to raise cash to build other buildings.

Mayor Creepy really losing it toward the end

So are we losing our once beloved city and livability, and they aren't done yet!!

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