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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chinese overlords start throwing their weight around

This story out of Corvallis is disturbing. When you owe somebody too much money, they start to tell you how to live. Kudos to the mayor who's shining them on.

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Mayor Manning (it must have torn the Chinese up to demand a favor of a female official) was far more diplomatic that the situation deserved. But wait until they start twisting the Governor's ever so pliable arm ... before going to the State Department.

It's Mr. Lin that deserves the kudos. And how disappointing it will be when some state bureaucrat takes Mr. Lin aside and explains how his mural is not quite in compliance with some obscure rule.

This story should be nation wide if Lin is to be protected.

Good for Mr Lin and Mayor Manning!

We should consider this as the movie trailer preview of the coming attraction. Our government is so deeply in debt to these despots- who knows what subtle, and not so subtle influences they are wielding in the hallowed halls of DC.

I don't remember who said it but it goes something like this, "you owe someone $100, it's your problem, you someone a few billion, it's their problem".

The good mayor should polietly smile and nod and then appologize that there is nothing she can do.
Me I think I'd throw them out of my office..

He should paint that mural over as soon as the Chinese grant Tibet autonomy and allow the return of the Dalai Lama, and renounce the use of force to take Taiwan.

What will happen is the university will buy the building at twice the value. It will then remove the mural so not offend the chinese. The university is relying on the chinese to send students to pay the high international tuition that is allows the university to build better sports facilities.

Cary is absolutely correct- Free Tibet!

Shouldn't Portland City Hall be putting up about a dozen of these murals?

They're doing a pretty good job killing off Chinatown so why not?

Well at least they didn't storm our embassy or kill our ambassador over this.

"[T]he Chinese consulate in San Francisco said the mural “has caused strong resentment from the local Chinese community and Chinese students studying in the U.S.”

Strong resentment from the local Chinese community? The sponsor of the mural is a member in good standing in the 'local Chinese community'...I'm willing to bet that the Chinese consulate in SF doesn't know squat about what the Chinese community in Corvallis thinks.

I think it's time that Mr. Lin adds a 'Free East Turkestan' (which is Xinjiang, where Urumqi and Kashgar are located). If they come back to complain, add in Inner Mongolia. If they still come back, add in Manchuria. And, of course, there's always "PDR China Out Of Hong Kong", too.

It's simply a cultural misunderstanding.

Please. PLEASE. I beg you. Come to Hermiston, Oregon with that request. The response would be news worthy. I guarantee it.

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