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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kate Brown, victim

The Oregon secretary of state is accusing her opponent of slandering her before he's even said anything. And she's dragging photos of John Kerry into it.

What in heaven's name does Kerry have to do with Brown's re-election bid? It reminds us of when Mark Wiener used photos of George Bush to defeat the charter revision ballot measure in Portland. It's pathetic.

Brown has made some pretty glaring blunders on the job. We can understand that she doesn't want to talk about those. But this is a swing and a miss, maybe strike three.

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Is it just me, or is thee a strong resemblance between the pictures of a very young John Kerry and our own, bekoved, Nutsy Smith?

I haven't seen the Kate Brown ad on the air yet, but just this rendition has already motivated me to send some money to Nuehler, in addition to my earlier decision to vote against Brown based upon her perfotrmance in office.

Thanks Kate!

I just watched the ad off the link posted and I must say that is one of the weirdest political ads I have ever seen. I guess Kate Brown is running scared because of her total incompetence shown while in office. I hope she gets destroyed in November.

But . . . but . . . Ron Wyden told me in an e-mail that she's "one of the good ones".

I guess the race is a lot closer that we think ...

Brown also started calling for campaign finance reform and spending limits when she realized Buehler had raised more money than she. She didn't take Buehler seriously in the beginning and now she is trying to play catch up. She has a real race on her hands this time.

What am I missing? The Swift Boat ads were unfair and distorted,and going back to the same guys is pretty telling, I think.

So, the Swift Boat vets who were there and saw Kerry for a fool and poltroon and told their side of it were liars. Um hmmmm.

Unfair, you say.

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