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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bridlemile calling

A reader writes:

So my parents recently moved to Clackamas County. They got a new phone number, and registered to vote weeks ago in CCounty. Last night their new phone number rang. It was a push poll for Amanda Fritz. It asked my dad who he was going to vote for, Nolan or Fritz. He said Nolan (he can't vote in Portland). Then it went on to tell all about the good things Fritz has done and will do. Then asked again, who will you vote for. Nolan was his answer. HA. What idiots.

Now, now. They're just spending a bunch of the Nurse's money.

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They got a new phone number

Surely this is the new non-sequitur in a story about relocating. Being in an age cohort that also includes parents of adults, we too still have a land line. But the robo-callers and flouters of do-not-call lists are begging us to give it up.

I never tell pollsters in advance who I'm going to vote for. Otherwise, what's the point of secret ballots? I think it debases the democratic process.

It seems lots of Oregon politicians can't seem to read a map.

I got election porn from Bruce Starr, candidate for Oregon Labor Commissioner...sent direct to my address...in Vancouver.

I should mention I haven't lived in Oregon for over a year and a half....

Could they be losing their volunteer base to keep track of matters for them?

What ever happened to calls from a person instead of a machine,
so you can tell them what you think, what you like and don't like?
Same with elections, machines taking care of the count.
It is only about numbers now.

When machines take over, it's the programmers who do the counting.

Those who are telling the programmers what to do are doing the accounting of the election.

I live close in NE, not far from Lloyd Center. I got the same Nurse Amanda call.
"are you likely to vote?"
not likely
"Do you strongly favor, slightly favor, or are undecided?"
Slighlty favor
--then the long pitch about Amanda --
"Now do you strongly favor, etc?"
Slightly favor

Of course in real life i will definitely vote and I will definintly vote for Fritz. Mary Nolan makes me shudder.

Perhaps I was a bit too coy, but I hope Fritz pulls out the stops.

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