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Saturday, September 29, 2012

It's wacky in Clackistan

The water district is completely, utterly out of control. Maybe they need some fluoride.

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What a freakin joke! Wonder why your water/sewer bills are so high? It might have something to do with these idiots racking up $1m in legal bills:



What are these folks doing for the citizens and what do any of their antics have to do with WATER? It's all a power struggle among brats and it's costing rate payers real money? Shame on them. They should all be thrown out and let a new board take over.

The youth obsessed society that elects childish people to positions of power may be partly to blame.

Fluoride? I'd go with Lithium

I suspect if one were to fully scrutinize this contentious board you would probably find the usual kind of controlling, condescending & staff dependent government crony commissioners against (and trying to gavel down) the other side who is challenging their thuggish behavior and trying to generate some genuine accountability.

Court case

Who ARE these idiots? Talk about a sandbox! or an asylum? Where is the adult supervision?

I knew I should have checked on line before posting!
Good news! There is a vacancy on the Water Board. The position of Treasurer is vacant. I guess that is because the money is all gone!?

I Wonder makes a good point.

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