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Saturday, September 29, 2012

An international incident in Boardman

Election year politics or no, it's a heavy scene with the Chinese out toward Hanfordland.

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Ha! Classic election year maneuvering. There are several bases in the area, Hanford is pretty far away, the Umatilla Army Depot is about 15 miles or so. I think they are talking about the bombing range out there, the one on Bombing Range Road (ha!).

On google maps you'll see a huge rectangular area south east of the built up area of Boardman. That's the bombing range. You can drive all around it and walk out onto it if you are brave enough. There's absolutely no problem putting windmills in the area unless you are afraid they are going to, like, put spy goggles on the wind mills or something. We already have windmills all over Morrow and Gilliam Co's.

Did I mention I love election years?

Umatilla is closed as an Army Depot. It passed to the Oregon Guard earlier this year.
You should look up ELINT, that would be why a Chinese company would wish to have intrests near a training area.
Feel free to walk out and about in the impact area, we need occasional reminders of that Darwin might just be right.

I wouldn't be that stupid. I was just talking about how secure that area is.

Well I looked it up Tank. Communication interception and analysis. Is that really what they are worried about? Or is that just indoctrination talking?

It's obviously just a political move to look tough against the Chinese in an election year.

A wind farm. Does it get agricultural subsidies in addition to all the usual subsidies that make it worthwhile to build while still not able to compete economically?

I guessing the interception and figuring out how the communications of UAV work is disinteresting to you. I'd bet the Chinese would like to know...
You know what one of the theories is on the reason the Chinese Embassy in Belgrad Serbia was bombed by "mistake" is, don't you ?

I think the game plan is to pretend to be tough on the Chinese but ultimately allow foreign investment. It makes green energy seem like a good deal. Sell off the USA piece by piece and then nationalize all these foreign owned businesses to retire our debt. Watch for WWIII

The Gummint says the sensitivity is due to drones that are being tested and developed out there.

Maybe that is the truth?

I don't know about any R&D flights taking place. I do know that units use the airspace to remain currect on the aircraft.

Don't hide the ball tank. I don't have the patience to chase down all of your references.

I'm so glad this had nothing to do with political posturing. I'm so happy the president is protecting us.

It's entirely possible the President made this move as political posturing. Lord knows he needs to grow a backbone.

Regarding Chinese embassy bombing, see


"According to one of these sources, it was the fact that the embassy was being used to rebroadcast signals for Arkan and his White Tigers that swung the argument to hit the embassy."

tank - agreed.

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