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Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Dogs put more players on the board

A last-second field goal deprived New England of an upset this evening, and so the standings at day's end in our charity pro football underdog game are as follows:

Annie 13
DB Cooper 13
Pete Rose 11
Ricardo 9.5
Bob 9
Cinderella Story 9
George 9
Michael K. 9
Paul 9
Ted 9
Tinknocker 9
NoPoGuy 8
PDXileinOmaha 8
Broadway Joe 7
Juicen 7
Pdxmick 7
Bayou Baby 5
Drewbob 5
Eric W. 5
Grizfan 5
John Cr. 5
Biggest Cubs Loser 4.5
Bad Brad 4
Dave A. 4
Tung 4
Usual Kevin 4
Will 4
Carol 3.5
Gordon 3.5
Coastal Storm 3
John Ch. 3
MickeyMac 3
Pete Rozelle 3*
9 others tied with 0*

* - In action tomorrow night: 3.5 SEATTLE vs. Green Bay - Pete Rozelle, genop

Twenty players had winning 'dogs today. Pete Rose is our only player who's picked a winning 'dog in each of the first three weeks.

Comments (2)

Sunday was a great day to be an NFL football fan, but a lousy day to be a replacement referee!

Wow. That game ending Seattle "touchdown" aka Green Bay interception may be the worst call ever. W.T.F.???? What a clusterf--- fiasco.

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