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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Portland burns $75 million on economic development strategy

From that, the Sam Rand Twins are claiming 2,750 new jobs. That works out to $27,273 per job.

For $75 million, they could have sent every resident of the city $125. Do you think that would have boosted the economy more than the mayor's loopy "cluster" plans? We do.

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Note to Sam...Columbia Sportswear is not coming back inside the city limits!
So much for that cluster-f*ck.,

"For $75 million, they could have sent every resident of the city $125."

Or built a mile or so of streetcar track.

Or eliminated the business license tax.

SamCoP sure is crafty. Pick four clusters that are already doing well or projected to do well without the $75 Million and you get wah lah!

Notice how they never give explicit examples of their purported successes with data so it can be analysed.

Targeting certain industries for economic growth is not a bad thing. But with this crew in charge, I need to see the actual numbers and deals that they made.

Not only is the devil in the details, but he is also in the Press Release.

Do you mean the Press Releases sans pertinent details?

Stats published today confirm suicides now outnumber new jobs. Crematorium biz has gotta be up. So do I buy futures in urns or nat gas?

Don't forget all the city employees and consultants who worked so hard to distribute the $75M (after they took their cut that is). Isn't that what these programs are for anyway? Why lie about it in sorry press,releases?

Lending funny money to buy homes has a similar distortion. If someone can borrow 300 grand for a home worth 130 grand they might choose to use the extra 170 grand on something other than boosting the sale price, if only they could. The whole lobbying and legislative process as we know it would collapse if we put a stop to such distortions. Some distortions are more equal than others.

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