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Friday, September 7, 2012

Clacky commissioners in tatters as week ends

It's been a stunning three days in Clackistan, as the rebels in that sector have derailed the county's outrageous plans to rush through a bond sale for a $20 million contribution to the Tri-Met light rail train project without going through the procedures specified in state law. The county's plans, which were going full steam ahead a week ago, were clearly designed to circumvent the current election, in which voters are likely to forbid the county from paying the money to Tri-Met.

First came the news that the rebels' legal actions caused cancellation of the public bond sale that was supposed to have taken place yesterday, and then late yesterday afternoon, even more surprisingly, the state supreme court issued a temporary restraining order enjoining the county from selling the bonds. At last report, the county was planning to try to sell the bonds privately, to a bank, but on its face the court order would appear to preclude such a transaction, at least until the court has had a chance to rule on the merits of the rebels' legal arguments. Briefing ends next Tuesday.

If the county doesn't pay Tri-Met the $20 million by a week from Tuesday, when the votes in the election are counted, it may never do so.

The latest developments in Clackistan highlight a number of interesting truths. One is that the political machinery that controls the Portland area is ruthless, and the only thing that it listens to is litigation. Witness the illegal mission creep by the Portland water bureau -- it's the same scenario. Let's hope the folks fighting the city in court have as much success, and are as tenacious, as the Clackistani bush fighters.

Another revelation is that sometimes, the powers that be around here are bluffing. They'll wheel out lawyers from this law firm and that to tell the opposition that it doesn't know what it's talking about, but they're just blowing smoke. And you can't be afraid to call them out on it.

Third: Follow the money. In this case, choking off the bonds chokes off the county's payment to Tri-Met.

It ain't over 'til it's over, and the county may yet find some way to come up with $20 million to fork over to Tri-Met. Even if it doesn't, somebody else may magically scrape up $20 million to build the Mystery Train all the way to Milwaukie. But as the first weekend of September arrives, the rebel flag is flying proudly. And there are a couple of politicians down Clackamas way who are almost sure to have new jobs come the new year. We hear Metro is hiring.

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If I were a local politician, I'd be very concerned. Once democracy gets a foothold in a region, it's very tough to stop.

It appears that the commissioners down in Clackistan have never heard of Machiavelli.

I've done my part. My ballot is cast. Now we wait for the celebration. We will not be denied!

The opponents of government expansion and greed in Clackistan are fortunate to have an attorney who is part of their inner group and who wrote the legislation. Whoever filed the lawsuits, having access to legal help when you go into battle is extremely important, because as you say, the Portland Cabal only listens to litigation. Most groups cannot afford to hire attorneys on an hourly basis at $200/hr. and up. This group Is unusually large with connections that run deep into all parts of the county, so the grassroots campaign is formidable. In Lake Oswego, LOCAL is making similar progress toward defeating our entrenched mob that is in bed with the Portland mob, close enough to hear each other's heartbeat speed up at the thought of money and power.. But lawyers are dear for most activist groups fighting the Byzantine ways of "city hall".

Another lesson: Knowledge is power. The information and analysis provided by this blog are invaluable. It's a true public service, with cool tunes attached.

Thank you for keeping this issue in focus and in the spotlight.

The arrogance is truly disturbing.

"the county may yet find some way to come up with $20 million to fork over to Tri-Met."

Don't worry, Earl will cough it up, even if he has to sell his last bicycle lapel pin.

In other words, like anything they want, they'll get the money.

Moral - Vote NO on every bond and tax increase.

BTW - You scooped the O again. A minor accomplishment (considering the O), but still worthy of recognition.

Thanks Jack. All the arguing about the positives or negatives for MLR seem quite insignificant now. Those who understand that the issue at hand is sometimes less important than keeping the political process honest...actually get it.

Jack, your post here and yesterday where you wrote "you need lawyers, and that takes money" brings up past blogs here.

As you've called for, we need to set up a Legal Defense Fund to take on major issues where legality was been forgotten. We have a few organizations that are suppose to look out for these moments, but they've forgotten their missions because they are part of the cabal.

I think there are many on this blog and elsewhere who would join in. We need leadership to get a Fund started with good parameters and oversight. And once again, it isn't a democrat or republican issue. It is applying the law which our formal institutions have failed to do.

I'll help.

2012 Sep 07 Friday 10:30 U (10:30 AM PT)

From the vantage of Birdshill CPO/NA on NE corner of Lake Oswego
and southern tip of Dunthorpe in Clackamas County we have
looked SE across the Willamette River into the heart of urbanized
Clackamas County – Oak Grove, and Jennnings Lodge. Many
times for community inspiration and gathering of grass roots
“tribal knowledge” of “how to” read planning documents and
respond to multiple cross linked planning endeavors. The current
Clackamas County Board of Commissioners (CCBC) bond issue
for PMLR is no different and scary financially.
It touches our mortgages without our authorization.

My neighbors are picking up on this fact and are concerned.
Especially the elder residents who continue to live in their
homes with assistance of family members – they understand
credit encumbrances on the tax and fee base.
From a Depression era viewpoint; a vantage Gen Xers and
Millenials are rapidly learning about on the street.

As a result of recent actions by a majority of the 2011 – 2012
Clackamas County Board of Commissioners I have contacted
the 112_th US Congress and have begun the process to secure
time for Congressional hearings. On issuance of municipal bonds
along with ALL imbedded requirements by planning documents and
legal contracts / agreements. Which are linked to financing of local
federal matching amounts for infrastructure projects – notably rail
systems. Prospective projects which have become intertwined
with imposed concentrated population density increases. Required
to justify unpublished transit and land use modeling assumptions.
Thus ultimately require new sewer and potable water infrastructure.
Facilities financed at the local government level with minimal
federal grants in 2012.

If you plan to attend the ODOT “open houses” in next couple of
weeks on the Eugene to Portland High Speed Rail (HSR)
you might want to prepare by visiting:

Download map files (from bottom of page):
1. MPUA_BH_ODOT_PT_Rail_2012_08Aug_29We_2300U.pdf
2. MPUAXODOT_HSR_Rail_TBL_2009_07Jul_07Tu_1100U.pdf

Read, interpret, cross relate above maps with reports and web pages,
then judge outcomes for yourself.

I will be in attendance and insisting upon clarity of direct
citizen participation by a vote for any finance and planning
mechanisms. Rather than by today’s government partnerships
that have been designed to allow citizen “input” yet negate and
ignore both citizen and community feedback.

And blatantly exclude direct citizen votes on financing of projects.

Charles Ormsby (Skip)
Birdshill CPO / NA Chair 2012 – 2013
EM: birdhillcpona@gmail.com

This rebellion is truly breathtaking!
All the local officials better be taking notice.
There are major changes in the air.

It takes a village to hang a politican....
figurativley speaking as it were.
I am thrilled about the outcome and cannot wait for November.
Thank you Jack for keeping us posted and educated!

One is that the political machinery that controls the Portland area is ruthless, and the only thing that it listens to is litigation. Witness the illegal mission creep by the Portland water bureau -- it's the same scenario. Let's hope the folks fighting the city in court have as much success, and are as tenacious, as the Clackistani bush fighters.

In my view, the Portland City Council escalated their arrogance and ruthless behavior.
They sit up there on their control perches and get by with it.
One lawsuit in the works isn't doing it.
There need to be more legal avenues and responses against their actions.
Good that the Clackamas folks have done the hard work, energy and raising the money that it takes as well.

Kudos to Jack for representing the true spirit of the tea party movement in America!

It's interesting that some of the commissioners insist upon ramming this through by any means necessary. I mean, it only extends a couple of miles into Clackamas County, so how do they justify it as a benefit to the County?

Certainly, if folks in Oak Grove and Milwaukie want it, they should be welcome to it - IF they want to pay for it. But how does one justify forcing folks in Brightwood to be stuck on the hook for a toy train that they'll likely never see, let alone ride?

Clackamas County in other locations:

Kudos to Jack for representing the true spirit of the tea party movement in America!

Not sure I've ever seen fainter prase, but I second concept.

The Clackamas County commissioners have data, polling and informal surveys which have told them county citizens' priorities are county roads, public safety and jobs. Light rail isn't in there - urban renewal isn't a priority for the people. The commissioners don't care what the people want - they feel they know better. To be a politician is to be in an echo chamber, surrounded by yes men and associating with the important people who know what's best for all the rest of us (even against our will).

The current board, minus one, is determined to do this. They don't want it done in the light of day any more, so they'll find a sneaky way around that cuts the public out of the loop.

But how does one justify forcing folks in Brightwood to be stuck on the hook for a toy train that they'll likely never see, let alone ride?

We aren't even served by Trimet up here! We've had our own transit system for years.

Roger, I truly do feel that Jack looks out for the people and points out the bad behavior of our local government. That's the same as my perception of the best intentions of the tea party movement. i say this as genuine as i can.

You folks in PDX aren't going to improve anything until you change the mindset of those running the city. Look at the current makeup of the mayor/council, all liberals to the core. In addition you continue to elect these types over and over. Anyone with an R after their name is automatically defeated. You get what you vote for so either change your voting pattern or quite bitching.

We have good people who have stepped up to run and make a difference, but you have no idea how tight the lock step control is that we have on our elections. These good people are marginalized, and ignored, they are not allowed in important debates, nor brought up in our media. It is an insider game here all the way. The only way out of this is to create a major write in campaign, daunting that is, but in my opinion must be done this time.

Also, keep in mind that many people who are fed up with this scene have left or plan to do so and/or have given up. In my view a population can only take so much abuse by the system/agenda control here. Some of the people are still fighting for some semblance of democracy here, whether D or R, you can call it bitching if you like, I call it dialogue amongst people who want to change directions. By the way, there are many D's that do not go along with this downward spiral of our city.

Clackastani fight...just talked to c Comish Savas...he is being frozen out for info from the county attorney...county finance dir...as the Renegade Commissars attempt to do a $20M end run around Sept 18 voters n fund light rail "no ballot...he joins me Monday on my talk show to make it all public and light a fire under the Renegades and any bank that helps these jerks fund something the voters oppose best be prepped for the citizen backlash

This ruling has also caught the attention of Deschutes County commissioners. Couple years ago the voters said no to a bond to double the size of the county jail. The county is currently working on going around the vote by issuing bonds. They are having second thoughts because of the ruling and because of insanely simple idea that will cost $200,000 instead of the $10 million they want to spend...


Good job Clackees. Keep up the pressure.

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