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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cha-ching! $35 million to Hoffman for water bureau palace

The beat goes on. Gotta get that Portland water bill money out of the little guy's wallet and up to Dunthorpe. And what better way than by expanding Admiral Randy's empire? A win-win at City Hall.

Up next: Cha-ching! Eight figures out to Hoffman for the public contribution to the zombie hotels.

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Well, of course! You didn't really expect anything else did you?

All you need to know is in the first paragraph:

"... the construction cost may exceed this G[uaranteed] M[aximum] P[rice]."

It goes on for 35 more pages.

The 'guaranteed maximum price' may be exceeded. Seems to me that lacks one of the basic elements of a contract. What say you, perfesser Jack?

You crack me up. This is Oregon. What makes you think the law has anything to do with government contracts?

It's Hopeless, here, in the City That Works (you over).

Steve Duin's column today pretty much says you can't trust either Charlie Hales as Mayor or Jefferson Smith as Mayor. Tales you lose, and heads you lose.

LaVonne Griffin - Valade

Why do I get the sense this is going to be the most expensive 112 days in Portland we've seen? of course, we're gonna beatings for it for years

You. Are. Screwed.

I love Hoffman! Just like I love Big Brother!

What's up with the Sept 12, 2012 date?

Don't forget last week another $57 million for Hoffman for another tank at Kelly Butte.
There now is a 10 million gallon tank, but PWB wants a 25 million gallon tank, so that it all fits in with their grand plan to get rid of reservoirs. The EPA LT2 rule is being reviewed right now, seems it would have been prudent to wait, as those open reservoirs may not have to be taken down. As I have mentioned before P R U D E N C E is not a word our council understands.

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