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Sunday, September 9, 2012

A big day for the 'dogs

Our charity pro football underdog pool produced quite a few points today (and Wednesday night). Here are the standings at this hour -- with only one game, for one player, left to be decided for the week:

Annie 9
Cinderella Story 9
DB Cooper 9
George 9
Michael K. 9
Paul 9
Ted 9
Bayou Baby 5
Drewbob 5
Eric W. 5
Grizfan 5
Jo 5
John Cr. 5
NoPoGuy 5
PDXileinOmaha 5
Ricardo 5
Tinknocker 5
Pete Rose 4
Coastal Storm 3
John Ch. 3
Pete Rozelle 3
Everyone else 0

Those players who are listed here but have not gotten their entry fee in yet, listen up: By rule, I have to have it by Wednesday night or your excellent first week pick won't count.

Way to go, winners! Dave A. has Oakland over San Diego for 1 point tomorrow night. New lines will be posted on Tuesday.

Comments (3)

Stupid Rams! Winning the game until 15 seconds to go.... *grumble*

Well Jack looks like I have to opt out. Sorry. I won 5 points already too!



Ok so I am new at this and picked Miami. I did like the Redskins but was distracted by the great pizza in Naples Italy where I was working at the time of my first pick - I pray being back in the States will clear my head of such impure thoughts that Miami can will a game this year. When do they play the Chiefs?

As a Jets and Steelers fan (the John Charles influence) I am torn but pick the Jets.

From NYC,


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