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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I've been workin' on the railroad...

... all the live-long two weeks...

Comments (4)

Two weeks to repair a rail road crossing signal?

That song brings back memories.

Why don't they just provide 24 hour flagging until it's fixed?

You know that railroad signal that the TriMet bus driver plowed over in Beaverton?

A month ago?

It's still not fixed.

I'm curious to know why a railroad signal would take two weeks to repair - these are usually VERY HIGH priority for railroads (because otherwise trains have to stop and flag the crossing - they can't blow through a non-functioning protected crossing, it's an FRA violation) and the railroads store railroad crossing parts for quick repair. When old signals are retired they aren't scrapped, they are kept and salvaged or used in emergencies. Go to any railroad yard and you'll see a fenced area with a bunch of old crossing signal equipment. Heck, even TriMet has three such storage facilities.

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