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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Killing off Colwood golf course

At one point, the whole place was going to be rezoned for industry, and the Portland airport was licking its chops about another runway. That proposal cratered, but now under a new plan, it appears that a little more than a third of it would be paved over, with the rest being preserved as some sort of "mixed-use park" space. It's being billed as a compromise. Meh.

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How sad. Colwood is where I learned to play golf at when I was young kid back in the late 60's. The great Bob Duden (Member of the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame) was the Pro at the time, before he headed over to Glendoveer.
Great memories there.
Mr. Duden even let me test out his side saddle putters he hand built for folks like Sam Snead.

Steve Janik again?

Sounds like a good deal to me. Willing seller, more industrial land, and a park in a really cool little area. People who want to chase a little white ball around can go just down Columbia to Broadmoor.

I always liked playing Colwood, but with the million+ people coming any day now we have to make room for new bunkers...

Win-Win Solution:

1. Move the Portland ANG Base to either McChord (AMC base, no attack units), Fairchild (another AMC base), Kingsley (where the F-15 pilots are trained), or build a new Air Force base over at the Umatilla Army Depot (not like the land can be used for much else, and even with an Air Force Base there'd still be plenty of land left over for other uses.) Or Boise (with the A-10s) or Mountain Home. Or even Great Falls (a non-flying base). Or Whidbey Island and have the Air Force F-15s fly with the Navy F/A-18s.

2. Use the ANG Base property for future industrial use. Already has streets and utilities to it, and it'd be good for companies that need airside access.

When I saw another golf course on the way out it reminded me of all the eastside dairy and berry farms that used to dot the landscape and are now long gone.

I grew up in the shadow of Meadowland Dairy, situated on what we used to call Wilson Hill. All gone, now. To get onto the property, we'd hike up Ellis from 136th, passing the Zimmerman Pony Farm on our way.

That's what happens when the land these things sit on becomes too valuable for the average Joe or Jane to own or operate a business on.

At least part of the Colwood property should remain active for recreational use as a as a municiple golf course. If it isn't, maybe some of the City's recreational bicycle facialities and bike lanes that don't require green fees also can be eliminated.

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