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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Colwood Golf Course: The Empire strikes back

This just in from a reader who is involved in the fight to keep the Colwood Golf Course in Northeast Portland as a greenspace instead of paving it over for airport industrial:

I came home to a letter from Ball Janik today... the Colwood Partnership is appealing the City Council decision denying their rezoning request to the Land Use Board of Appeal.

Gotta hand it to the Port, they don't give up easily...

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Let's hope the City made sure their denial for the permit was tight...they should have known this was coming.

City? Tight? You're kidding. I just hope that if they get reversed, the neighbors get another chance to save this property.

You didn't think these people would let a little thing like the Portland City Council stand in their way, did you?

Reversals from LUBA are rare--the best the appellant gets most of the time is a remand if the City f'd up. Chances are the neigbors would get another chance.

Watch your backside with Ball Janik. They are one of the biggest contributors to several of the Council members, especially Randy and Sammy. They know how to grease up.

We've blogged about this before. Steve Janik is a master at getting dim-bulb bureaucrats and politicians to do things his clients' way.

Somebody needs to stick a fork in Bill Wyatt and the Port Board. These jerks seem to be clueless that their golden goose at the airport is going to be losing airplane landings this coming year.

Who is the colwood partnership? (ie member's names)

Hit 'em where it hurts:

-Boycotts of whatever affiliated businesses.
-Find out where they live (they are messing with people's homes see how they like it when the tables are turned). It's hard to get to work when there is a large load of FRESH cow manure in your driveway.
-See if there is anything in the court system they wish to remain private and make it VERY public.
-If Ball Janik is making contributions to council members who make decisions on behalf of clients is there something in the RCP that can be tossed at them? Nothing like a bar complaint (of course one with merit) to make an atty think "is this really worth it?"

basically make it PERSONAL; their lives will be made a living hell until they back off.

Mike, I think some of that would be quite counter-productive -- particularly the bar complaint route, which won't get you anywhere but potentially in trouble.

The fresh cow manure sounds kind of funny, though.

That was my "I'm mad and I need to get it out of my system thing."

However I do think that we need to be more vocal about taking things to the streets. There's more to democracy than mailing a ballot every 2 or 4 yrs.

Apathy helps the powerful.

The cow manure happened in my native town of Vancouver BC when the bus unions dumped a load of manure on the front yard of the loacl transit boss during a strike.

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