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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burnside killer driver hiding out in Colorado?

So says this report. It's time to grow up and face the music, Ashley. Every day you hide is probably going to add a month to your prison sentence if you're convicted. [Photo from Fox 12 News.]

UPDATE, 10:26 p.m.: Here's an interesting Facebook page. And here's the MySpace page, apparently. And if our research is correct, tomorrow (Thursday) is her 23rd birthday.

UPDATE, 6/2, 3:10 p.m.: She was apprehended in Bellingham.

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I wonder what the standard sentencing is for 2nd degree manslaughter. If she doesn't show up soon, and if found guilty, it might be at the upper end of the range.

Wonder whose car it was.

I wonder how well she will do in Mexico as that is where many of the hit-and-runners find sanctuary.

This was brought up in the first post, and I've been wondering ever since. Do you think the City of Portland could be liable for this based on our subsidy of the concession workers? We went over a lot of scenarios where this Paulson deal could blow up on us, but I don't remember that coming up before.
Are we legally on the hook here?

Beats me. They say the women drank both before and after the game. There's no telling where that was.

If it was at Jelled-When? Field, there's potential liability for the concessionaire. Whether it would extend to the Timbers or the city is pure speculation. I would guess that getting to the city would be unlikely.

The family members of the victim don't sound as though they want satisfaction. But it's early.

I suspect there could be charges against 1 or more additional parties involved after the fact.

Sue an establishment in Oregon for serving (or over-serving) alcohol to someone who later drives and kills? One of your lawyer readers will say it is possible of course, but might admit it is a much more difficult task than it was some years ago.

Owners of restaurants, taverns and bars (and their lobbyists) have often argued successfully that with so many guests, and during busy periods of operation, it's next to impossible for employees to determine whether any single patron is legally intoxicated.

Gibby. I both support that theory politically and know it to have merit legally. The alternate theory, that the bar is at fault, is the result of us slick attorneys searching for deep pockets...and succeeding.

As to the girl. If she's reading. Come to Eastern Oregon. Talk to one our attorneys. You won't be the first runner we've seen. Then if you decide to run there are PLENTY of Mexicans around willing to advise a pretty white girl fluent in English how to get a job working in the hotels of Cancun, Puerta Villarta, Acapulco, etc...

You'll can go to hell for killing someone, but at least might avoid the US prison system.

I don't think it will be proven that this woman was drunk, let alone that the Timbers organization is responsible. Personally, I believe that she was drunk but how could that be proven? She didn't hang around for a breathalyzer test. No one would be able to determine if her blood alcohol level was .07 or .21. If they find her, she'll be charged with 2nd degree manslaughter. As part of the case, it will probably be proven that she had been drinking, but I doubt they will be able to prove she was legally drunk.

I hope these 2 will 'enjoy' their prison time. Had they not run away they might have gotten off with county jail and probation.
I am not fan of the city or LLP's soccer team, but the City, the Timbers and the concessionaires are not responsible for the stupid actions of 2 stupid individuals. The drunks need to take responsibility for their own actions, and suffer the consequences. Unfortunately an innocent person is dead as a result of the actions of these 2 individuals.

Pfft. This is what's wrong with FB/MS, etc. People like Ashley write this kind of s**t that bears no resemblence to their actual pitiful existence:

Live the Good Life!
Independent as CAN be…
Live.Laugh.Love – Like there’s no tomorrow
Have faith
Live in the moment
Cherish those I can about, Appreciate those who care about me…
What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger.
Work hard Get what I want..
Know where I’m going…
Have high expectations, Never Ending Dreams, & Strong Morals.
Success, Love &Happiness- the only things I really want
Respect –Its everything.
And Life Goes On..

How ironic.

This case resembles the Oregon City double vehicular manslaughter, about 15 years ago, and the driver deliberately drove on, running away, infuriated and intoxicated. ... of his life.
Stayed mystery until his bro's gf -- morally appalled, mortified -- ratted him out.

The grand jury declined to indict. He slunk back into his social milieu, infuriated and intoxicated of himself.

The Facebook Info Freedom taskforce, (meaning the opposite), sprang the trap door under Ashley's FBlife and her facts of life sheet is now non jotta ... quick coverup
in the short time since you linked it, Jack.
Other than that, I didn't find where you saw her birthday as June 1.
But I'll go with what you say and get back to you . . .

The Facebook and MySpace links are still good. Her birthday's today, the 31st, according to BeenVerified.

Yeah, there is exact convergence for 5/31/89 accident 3/31/12. I figure birthtime about 10 am, Pueblo, CO.
Accordingly: Moved 'here' about age 14, let's say to enter high school.

The consciousness went off the rails (temper tantrum) earlier that day of the accident, March 31. Looks like a little after noon that day. Looks like frustration that 'the boy' (something Mars) chickened out, didn't 'show up'. (Alternate interpretation: Mars representing athletic competition -- 'her' Timbers didn't win, or didn't win the way she scheduled, on her schedule. ... she was too inebriated to participate in celebration by the time they won?)

And it careened from there, from impatient to hasty to heedless.

For students of the Art, the astro signs I see (at 10am birthtime +/- :15 minutes) are:
1) transiting Moon separating square natal Moon, (a monthly occurence in everyone's chart)

2) transitting Sun separating square precise conjunction progressed Saturn=progressed Uranus. Probability about once in one lifetime among hundreds of other lifetimes, although those improbably rare lifetimes come in a cluster or spate of births during that Spring, through April and May and June 1989.

3) Transiting Venus in Taurus represents the female passenger in the car, and the lifelong propensity to be accident-prone while traveling is indicated by natal Mercury (retrograde) square natal Nodes (of the Moon), which squaring precisely occurs (by progressions) twice in her lifetime (this once, 2012, is the second occurrence and there'll never be worse).

4) I see transiting Mars (retrograde) conjunct the progressed Ascendant, but that's because I put it there. I selected a time of birth out of thin air in order to arrange that the (birthtime) Ascendant progressed to reach the degree (of Virgo) crossed by the motion of Mars on 3/31/12.
So I could be wrong on item 4)

There are also some minor aspects, although exceptionally precise and therefor noteworthy and otherwise not of much notice; a quincunx and a trine I see.

She dunnit. She's tried. She's convicted. She gets the lightest possible sentence. (Probation only?) Yet so little is nearly too much, more than she can withstand.
Symbolism: Gemini is an Air sign. Born clear and clean and fresh. Her 'Air' has now been filled with black sooty pollution she'll be breathing for the rest of her life.

I've been reading about the Jim Goad case. Two and a half years in an Oregon prison for hitting (and leaving no marks, I have read) a psycho girlfriend who herself later did time for a separate assault charge.

It will be interesting to see if this Ashley Goad character gets anywhere close to 2.5 years in jail for taking a human life, after taking in a Timbers game. Someone should find that Timbers ad for the skinny chick with the axe, it would be a fitting caption for this case.

Doing poetic justice to the scourge of drugs and alcohol in modern society is impossible, but I came up with a few words, written from the perspective of gender differences.

ETOH: effects according to gender

XX chromasome:




Sorry, her last name is not Goad. Mix-up.

Here is her page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604358086&sk=wall

The last posting on one Stacey Nixon's timeline is fairly ominous...

The myspace link in your post links to malware.

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