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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NoPo shooting involves WashCo sheriff's deputies

Sounds like a highly funky situation.

UPDATE, 3:30 a.m.: Here it is in the O, including this gem: "The Washington County team was called to help serve the warrant because Portland's SERT team was out of town training, Simpson said." The incident will no doubt be used as a justification for the new $15 million police training center.

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Maybe a no-knock at the wrong address of somebody with a gun?

I'd rather it be used as justification to hire more officers.

If you're really really hoping there won't be any crime because all your people are out of town training, then either you need to hire more people or only train half at a time.

SERT may have been with da Chief in India training their boys on tasering.


The Portland police were out of town being poorly trained.

The O is now reporting that the man who was shot - Alberto Flores - was concerned because a stranger in dark clothing (a cop) was lurking in his back yard. He went upstairs to get his gun and the article states that the victim's step son "said a stranger came through the home, and left through the front door" at that time. Apparently Flores stepped out of his home with the gun in his hand and was shot.


The "stranger came through the home" line deserves greater clarification.

Are they suggesting a SWAT team member entered the home BEFORE the shooting?

I thought their SOP was to evacuate any homes that SWAT needed access to, as well as any that might be in the line of fire.

Better yet, will CoP have to indemnify WashCo taxpayers/insurers for the inevitable wrongful death settlement?

"In a unanimous decision today, the Portland City Council voted to purchase a $6.5 million Northeast Portland property for a new police training center that will, for the first time, allow the police bureau to consolidate the majority of its training in one location.

Mayor Sam Adams called the decision a 'historic moment' for the city and police bureau, which currently conducts training in various locations from Sherwood to east Multnomah County.

"Reese told the council that he expects the cost of purchase and renovation to reach $14.2 million, with contingency costs of about $1.8 million. The center will likely be ready for use in about one year and will cost about $395,000 annually to operate and maintain, the chief said.

In a budget approved by the council last spring, the mayor directed the city to finance a $15 million center through bonds over 10 years. After the purchase cost, the remaining balance of the $15 million bond, or $8.5 million, will be used for property improvements, according to Bob Kieta, city facilities services manager."

Does anyone feel safer already?

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