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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to boycott T-Mobile?

When neighbors over our way started giving the cell phone weasels at Clear an earful about siting cell antenna installations in the heart of residential neighborhoods, the phone folks got the message and backed off. Apparently the boys and girls at T-Mobile aren't going to be so nice about it. On top of their hideous Prescott Street location, now they're going to stick an antenna array on SE Ogden Street in Eastmoreland.

There are lots of cell phone options. When making a choice, consumers can always take into account which companies pay attention to their concerns and which don't.

Comments (3)

I suppose you can try, but with really only three companies is there one that really listens? (Or maybe they listen, but have to do it anyhow to provide the level of service people expect.)

Are you going to boycott AT&T since they are trying to take over T-Mobile? (Do you think it is a coincidence that T-Mobile is pushing to get these cell sites put in now, after the merger has started? AT&T doesn't want it attached to their name.)

AT&T has a handful or three of LTE antennas going up throughout Portland, it doesn't seem to me like they're really holding back and letting T-Mobile do it. Although I guess it could be I missed that the AT&T projects are in non-controversial areas and the T-Mobile projects aren't. But does anyone really think Clear actually decided antennas in neighborhoods were a bad idea? They focus more on strong residential indoor coverage than the phone providers.

Funny. I read the story, glanced to my right and saw a T Mobile ad on this site.

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