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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The new rehab: Portland police telephone reporting unit

Here's another allegedly drunk driving Portland police officer -- second one in three weeks -- getting a desk job instead of the firing and jail cell he deserves. The latest offender led police at the coast on a dangerous wild goose chase. And it's Strike 2 for him, having gotten a little Humphreyesque in a 2006 brutality incident. You know when they say "Everybody on the force knows who the bad cops are"? This is what they're talking about.

Comments (4)

Is there any chance he has been drug tested?

If only Officer Sean played for the Ducks.

Hey Fedz if any of you read this, I am still waiting for the RICO suit against the Portland police union. They are a corrupt organization that promotes organized criminal behavior.

It'll take a bit of time but he's done as a cop. DPSST will revoke his certification and without that PPB will no longer be able to employ him as a police officer.

Looking through DPSST's ethics bulletins, Sothern might have been able to to beat a straight DUI arrest but not one with eluding.

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