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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Macpherson won't run for Wu's seat

Here's an e-mail message that we received today from our friend and former partner Greg Macpherson, former state representative and one-time candidate for Oregon attorney general:

Since the announcement last week by Congressman David Wu that he will resign I have been asked by many friends and supporters whether I will seek election to fill the resulting vacancy. I have decided I will not become a candidate in Oregon's 1st Congressional District. I will continue to serve on the Land Conservation and Development Commission, protecting Oregon's productive farm and forest lands from sprawl and assuring that development necessary to a strong state economy occurs where it should. I will also continue to volunteer my time on various civic boards and projects. I believe these are where my energies can have the greatest positive impact in the coming months.

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Greg seems like a good guy.
But anyone who would give money to Charlotte Lehan's new campaign can't have too much on the ball.

07/29/2011 Friends of Charlotte Lehan Gregory MacPherson Cash Contribution $200.00

She's the poster child for all the TriMet/Metro racket politicians who need to be purged from any public policy making.

Ben, I believe your erection is lasting more than four hours. Please call your doctor.

Ouch, don't know him, but he seems reasonable (especially for the 1st district.)

I guess the wound from the public employee unions hasn't healed yet.

Why should he go to Washington to sit with the useless Democrat minority in the House when he can deny lawful property rights locally?

Disgraced Rep. Wu could collect nearly $900K in pension benefits -- The Wu Watch Continues
By National Journal | Exclusive – 1 hr 20 mins ago

Congressmen spend a great deal of time flying back and forth to D.C., and are separated from their families for long periods of time. Greg is also being punished by the unions for doing the right thing and leading the charge on PERS reform way back when. The bottom line is that he's probably too smart to bother with it all at this point.

Last time I looked, Mac lived in Lake O and was a resident of the District currently represented by Kurt Schrader, the 5th. carpetbagging into the 1st might not be a real good idea.


As I understand it, to run for the U.S. House you have to live in the district on the day of the election, not before. Isn't that right?

To be elected and serve, you have to live in the state (not the district) on the day of the election. That's a constitutional requirement. To file to get on the ballot, you have to live in the state when you file (state law), but you don't have to live in the district. Edith Green represented the Third District for years while she lived in the First District.

Maybe the thought of running made him Wuuzy.

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