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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Democratic Party owns Kellie Johnson's web domain

We're finding out that there are at least a few folks who, for whatever reason, are quite vocal in their desire that Kellie Johnson not succeed in her bid to become the next Multnomah County district attorney. One of them wrote us this afternoon to point out that the domain of Johnson's campaign website, kjforda.com, is owned by the Democratic Party of Oregon. Given that the district attorney position is nonpartisan, the reader questions whether that's appropriate. It seems like a valid question.

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The domain is owned by the Democratic Party of Oregon, but it's a little more than that, if you investigate only slightly further you'll see the website itself is also hosted by the Democratic Party of Oregon, resolving to dpodata.org. It's a web hosting service for candidates.

They do claim that "Provision of web services does not constitute an endorsement by the Democratic Party of Oregon."

Is she paying them for the hosting? And they're hosting for candidates in nonpartisan races? Odd and unseemly.

Elsewhere on the site it does look like they charge for the services, but on that page I linked above it says:

web services are available to all Democratic candidates who qualify for voter file access.

That doesn't logically imply that they're not offered to candidates in this ones' position, of course.

She isn't qualified foe the job. She isn't respected by any lawyer I know defense or prosecution. It would be a horrible result if she were elected.

Horrible result? How perfect for Portlandia!

Only the worst for us 'cause apparently, no one else is ever interested.

Yeah, the DPO is now providing web services to candidates. As they say, "for rates far lower than you'll get from any for-profit web services vendor". Ahem.

Actually, it's fine by me.

A big part of the mission is to help Democrats get elected in small races where campaigns just can't afford professional services. Small town school boards, city councils, etc.

They'll work for any candidate that is a registered Democrat.

(And no, I'm not involved in the DA's race.)

Apparently Oregon Women Lawyers (OWLS) is very much in support of her. One person posted and questioned her credentials and then promptly received a listserv beat down. I have no opinion as I prefer to stay out of the fray, regardless of my status as a lawyer. But as with most things, "free speech" is just for those holding the majority position.

Courts have determined that domain names are not property.

So, those of you defending this situation with her website would then of course logically be just peachy keen with it if it instead were owned and operated by oregonrepublicanparty.org. That'd only make sense, right?

I suspect that some people are worried that Kellie would prosecute some of the Portland police officers who apparently shoot residents for no good reason, as well as the people who apparently help cover up the severity of these crimes.

The last episode of the poor kid getting shot several times with a shotgun for mouthing off to an officer proved to me that something is terribly wrong with our police department. The young man got his pelvis shattered, his anus ripped apart, was running for his life down Barbur Blvd. Like the officer couldn't tell the difference between a beanbag shot and a live round, couldn't see blood pouring from the horrific wounds, etc.

Perhaps Kellie would instruct her assistants to investigate and prosecute in that situation. Perhaps some officers, their families, etc. are concerned that they're not out of the woods yet. Just a thought. That's a good thing in my book. It also explains why there is such strong opposition to her candidacy. It would be interesting to see whether any of her opponents are connected to the Portland police.

I don't care who paid for her domain name. It seems more like a badge of trustworthiness to make a political rookie error like that than any sort of real malfeasance.

IIRC, former Multnomah County Chair Diane Linn used to pull this kind of stuff, sneaking in backdoor references to her Democrat partisanship into her campaign materials for her supposed nonpartisan position.

My primary concern is not complicated. Is she competent or a political hack? Not enough of the former in local public office these days and usually I can tell more by looking at the support structure than reading the PR release.

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