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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reed nuke one step closer to license renewal

The 43-year-old toy research nuclear reactor at Reed College in southeast Portland has cleared another hurdle in its quest for a license renewal -- the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has agreed to "docket" the renewal application. We're no expert on NRC bureaucratese, but we think this means that the Reed students can keep operating the thing (between bong hits) until the NRC staff tells them to stop.

One interesting thing about the letter from the agency to Reed with the latest news: It's addressed at the top to the new reactor director over there, Melinda Krahenbuhl, but then the salutation is "Dear Mr. Frantz." It's that kind of attention to detail that's made nuclear regulation in this country such a resounding success.

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On a lesser note, I used to get a chuckle out of the North Clackamas School District newsletter. In the logo - Committed To Excellence - 'Clackamas' was misspelled.

(Molly, did you happen to see the Mission Statement framed and posted on the wall at that (name deleted to protect the innocent) one particular school in Clackamas County, which promised to deliver "a relavant (sic) education" for students?)

Lars Larson sent his web-challenged audience on bar stools (after noon), to see this thread for an example of why the NRC, and therefor the USGovt, cannot do anything right; (and should be downsized and drowned ... in a dirty bath of hate-spit lies the media puts out). Public employees do NOthing right, is that so Larson? Not deliver the mail? Not manage military force or stage-manage 'war'?

Not Larson and nary one listener is likely to show up here, but if he did then imagine the surprise of finding (here on bojack.org, previously) a full explanation of why the Obama Administration and its Congress and Justice Dept does NOT suspend licensing and/or cancel nuclear reactor operations henceforth, until such time as there is zero detected radioactive Fukushima debris raining down on Oregon and North America and zero detected radioactive contamination of saltwater and seafood along the West Coast.

As far as that goes, the same single (linked) explanation answers every question of anything Obama & Co. does, one way or the other, for better or worse, and even explains the broken promises, betrayals and double-crosses, flip-flops, retreats, surrenders, and spinelessness. For any instance when Larson, listeners, or you have wondered or asked "Why ...?" the nutcake 'nationals' (WashDC) 'purposely did it all wrong,' now finally The One answer is revealed.

Why doesn't he close Gitmo?
Why does America's public ignore torture murder war crimes?
Why does Commander-in-Chief escalate nationalist militarism?
Why doesn't he join the British Scotland Yard investigation into News Corp, (for the two latest Crown indictments handed up: Conspiracy, and Bribery), issuing subpoenas for bulk email records, which might lead to incrimination of Wall Street Journal, New York Post, FOX News, and FOX affiliates, business partners and advertisers?
Why does he sabotage Social Security and Medicare and the social safety net?
Why did they take the most popular single-payer option, and American health care entirely, 'off the table'?

ALL questions have the same. one. single. answer. and explanation.

(Spoiler alert: The political 'nationalists' in WashDC, including especially Obama, are simply following orders, obeying to do as they're told. Coerced by threat of extraordinary retribution.)

I noticed that the Reed reactor's annual report is out (NRC ADAMS document ML11221A161) and I thought you might enjoy one of the listed "significant maintenance activities."

1/25/11: Retrieved allen wrench from the top of the core.

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