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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dark star, I see you in the morning

Fellow moonbats of the blogosphere, join me in reflecting on this important e-mail message from a self-proclaimed crackpot correspondent:

See all the comets out past the relatively clean solar system in the drawing? There could be a brown dwarf star roaming around way out there in a binary system with our sun. Its orbit could take 3,800 years and we could be entering a time when it is closest to us -- inside the Pluto orbit on the drawing. At this point it will exert much greater gravitational forces on earth as well as bombard us with its radiation particles. It doesn't have visible light but it is radioactive and could greatly affect our magnetic shield, etc... As I understand it, true magnetic north has been drifting in unusual ways, and the poles could flip.

Now the bad news: It would have to be escorted. It would also drag lots of these asteroids and comets that are in the Oort Cloud and perhaps send some of them our way. That could be dramatic.

The one guy I heard on this says his best evidence of the coming gravitational changes is from Greenland. Every year the sun rises for the first time on a certain day -- this January it came 2 days early. I don't really know what any of this means but it is interesting to contemplate some of the ancient texts as possible descriptions of what happened last time. They don't make for light reading. The real conspiracy people postulate that the elite types have known about this for years and are preparing to ride it out in mountainous areas and vast underground structures. Flooding will be an extreme problem (See Noah -- or Google any of the other ancient people who recorded a flood). Minor events like the triggering of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano and God knows what else could also occur. The notion is that we are being kept in the dark about the Dark Star so that society doesn't react poorly to the information. The good news is that the human species will survive -- but as a fraction of the numbers we have now.

Check this link out if you'd like. Just don't wait until 2013 to do it.

Oh, and the national debt? Relax. Not a problem.

Indeed. This may call for a cutback in our voluntary 401(k) contributions.

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Finally someone else wondering like me.

Well, there is lot happening.

I've watched lot of the documentaries covering every angle of the 2012/end of times scenarios.

They all seem to suggest similar but varrying forms of mayhem.

So if one were looking for mayhem he'd be seeing it. Wouldn't he?

I'm more joking than not right now.


I am glad I am out having fun NOW !

Google "Washington Post 1983 Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered". This has been known about - but not really emphasized - for at least 28 years and that doesn't count the descriptions by the ancient Sumerians, the Hopis, etc...
You read stories about Nibiru and Planet X and it all seems like a load of New Age jive. But now, just when we could be heading into a time when the existence of the mystery object is impossible to ignore, the stories are no longer scoffed at - they start showing up in legit publications with this, "Gee, wiz, guess what we just found" angle that reeks of B.S. It's extremely suspicious and fascinating.
This drawing linked here shows a fairly circular orbit but if this is real, I bet the orbit is extremely elongated and we just happen to be alive when the damn thing comes back in for a closer pass.

I always rationalized the mega rich deliberately raping the west in preparation for the Chinese economic onslaught and resistance to NWO plans.
Now, I'm not so sure. Just a feeling - more of an intuitive itch on the back of my neck, telling me there's more coming than economic doom and breadlines.
It somehow doesn't make sense for that scenario to repeat - again, what's the point?
Again, no logic here - maybe I just need to adjust the tin hat.

Y'know, I follow a lot of the sciencey stuff and I think I understand it pretty well -- like 'dark matter' (or 'brown dwarf' in this case) and 'string theory' and 'wormholes' and plain ol' quantum physics.

As I see it:
There are no extra-terrestials here, never had 'em, never will.

This "Ort Cloud" discussion is 1 part speculation, 1 part conjecture, and 3 parts exaggeration.

A 'binary' for our Sun Helios, (whether it's an un-see-able 'brown dwarf' ... whatever), is NOT happening. When 'it' (2012?) is sensationalized in massmind media, people don't understand what's being said because massmind media-programmers intend that people not understand, but mean to administer to people another Fear booster shot -- zoink!, right in the ol' massmind: scrambled buzzbrain.

Yeah, a comet could hit our Earth. They have in the past. Such impact is a rare event ... like, check back when the USA celebrates its Fifth Millennium of sovereign existence. (The previous whallop was 50 million years ago, more or less.) Until the USA is 5000 years old, don't worry, be happy, forgetabout invisible invaders from space. Learn about existing reality especially such as human-made structures and processes. Ask NOT if a comet is coming during your lifetime; ask why massmind media-programmers go on sensationalizing implausible minutia trying to upset Domestic Tranquility by scaring the bejeebers out of everyone.

Rip my nose off and replace it with gold, but I fear for our country if our public (?) education produces daft hokum like the aforementioned...

"There are no extra-terrestials here, never had 'em, never will."
You realize history is littered with statements like that. The general theme is that it's all about us. "God created the heavens and the earth." 2 things: The heavens with their billions of galaxies, and us - the other half - a little speck of dust in one specific galaxy so big it takes light 100 thousand years just to cross it.
Of course, not too long ago, the mere suggestion that we go around the sun and that the heavens didn't exist around us, could land you in prison. Now we've moved forward to this.
I think suggesting that ETs could never come here is from that same arrogance. We're just that special. Hey, I know: ETs won't come here 'cause they hate us for our freedom. That's worked before.
I think the bigger inconsistency in your approach is how you can go from complete paranoia about the CIA - at one point even blaming every terrorist event since the CIA was founded, on them - to this loving embrace of the government on cosmological matters. That same government you're so sure is lying to you about all manner of political things, is suddenly a fountain of truth and light when it comes to NASA and what secrets might be hidden there.
I've heard of compartmentalization but that's ridiculous.
Let me just finish with a quote from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell: "I urge those who are doubtful: Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on. Because there really is no doubt we are being visited. The universe that we live in is much more wondrous, exciting, complex and far-reaching than we were ever able to know up to this point in time."
There was a time when the idea that the earth wasn't flat must have been scary too. That doesn't mean we should turn away from whatever the truth is, out of fear.

This is what comes of adding that 13th constellation to the Zodiac, yo.

Sun rising two days earlier is proof positive of the sub-galactic, inter-polar visible wavelength refraction phenomenon induced by homo sapien enabled gaseous atmospheric reconstitution -- a certain precursor of the end of seasons on planet earth. Beware!

Earthquakes, storms, civil unrest, mid east uprising, galactic activity and public employees losing their grip.
Mayhem ensues.

What next, Wheeler and Kitzhaber suspend Milwaukie Light Rail $

Is an earthquake in Portland coming soon?

Now that Metro has taken over the governor's office at least they'll "plan" to take care of us.

The reality of that alleged giant planet in the outer solar system: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/02/14/no-theres-no-proof-of-a-giant-planet-in-the-outer-solar-system/

The smartaleck response: ever notice how the only people ever trusted with The Truth, whether from divine sources or extraterrestrials, couldn't put together a coherent English sentence to save their lives?

Comet BUSH II has already destroyed civilization.

Or so I've read...

God did not create man.
Man created God.

There are no extra-terrestials here, never had 'em, never will.


That's exactly what they'd say.


"I've heard of compartmentalization but that's ridiculous."

Too true.

Hey, what about Lars?

(Opps, I mean LIARS Larson?)

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