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Monday, September 13, 2010

Underdog pool Week 1 wraps up with 'dog win

The Chiefs prevail -- the fifth winning underdog of the weekend -- leaving our standings as listed below. Nine of our more than 30 players get on the board. The betting lines for next weekend will be announced tomorrow:

Annie 4.5
Andy 3.5
pdxmick 3
AKevin 2.5
Broadway Joe 2.5
john dull 2.5
Nick 2.5
Sattelihu 2.5
Umpire 2.5
Everyone else 0

Comments (5)

Was it Sattelihu alone who chose the pseudo-Balto eleven this evening? If so, know that their stunning upset of the NYJ squad had near-record-breaking consequences for the revitalized, light-hearted Os playing at home (and winning for the first time this season against the BJs):

"The game attracted a meager crowd of 9,882, in part because it was played while the Baltimore Ravens faced the New York Jets in a televised NFL game. The smallest gathering in the 19-year history of Camden Yards is 9,129."

Gardiner - A number of us picked the Ravens. And I used to be an Os fan, but that was in my East coast days.

Sweet. Tenth place and going strong.

Apologies, Nick, to you and to everyone else who judged the Jets to be less than they probably should have been. The Pats look forward to meeting them before they locate their offense.

Meanwhile, who knew the Titans' mascot is a raccoon and that it would consume a cheerleader on Sunday?

(The video is slow to load, but the action may be unique in recorded history.)

Just for you GM:


Rocky Raccoon better watch which cheerleader he goes after...

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