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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bought and paid for

I thought that when it came to land use questions, the Portland City Council members were supposed to stay neutral, at least until it's time for them to cast their votes on the issues of the day. But when you hear that Fireman Randy's chief of staff is pushing hard for a quick siting of the immigration jail in the SoWhat District, it's gotta make you wonder.

Then there's the Port of Portland, which will need the City Council's blessing before it can pave over wildlife habitat on West Hayden Island in order to build a terminal that it hopes will ship Wyoming coal to China. You would think that with a land use matter that significant in the offing, the council members would remain at arm's length from the Port.

But of course, you would be wrong. Mayor Creepy's off on another one of his junkets, and guess who's paying for it:

The mayor’s office says the Share the Road Cycling Coalition of Ontario and the Port of Portland paid for Adams’ trip as well as that of a staffer, Catherine Ciarlo, the mayor’s transportation director.
No conflict of interest here, folks. Just go about your business.

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We have the best politicians money can buy

And Sam is only a short bike ride from Karel's Steam Baths. Shame of it is, the place is only for men 18 and older ...

Don't forget, he'll be holding hands with Gerding-Edlen while he's there.

Did you notice that now the city wants to have it's own food cart that will dish out food and -- get this -- information on workers rights. Naturally, that cart is to be located at the "day labor" center. And the cart will be called "Voz," which is Spanish for "voice." No joke! (PDF)

He has to pay his mortgage somehow.

Is it even possible that now this will take the blinders off of Adam's loyal followers to clearly see a hypocrite/puppet?

Paving over West Hayden Island is green and sustainable, right?

I'm sure he didn't take an airplane to the bike summit/green planning conference.

Garage Wine:

Nice catch...Karel's offer's free food and reasonable room rates. Finally: a good reason to go to Hamilton, Ontario.

Maybe there is a Brother City in our future?

This encouraging news comes from Bell, CA today:

So many crimes in the cities of this great nation, so few indictments.

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