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Monday, September 20, 2010

Highs and lows for Nike

They've hit the highest high, but they haven't escaped these guys at the other end of the spectrum.

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While is fun to laugh at Nikes troubles, bedbugs are pervasive..we have plenty of them here in River City, too.
Whenever I travel, I always inspect for bedbugs. Before I even bring my luggage in from the hall, I undo the sheets and look to see whether the mattress AND box are encased in anti bedbug mattress covers. If they are, I presume the management is either being proactive, or more likely, responding to a previous problem somewhere in there establishment. Look along the welts of the mattress and see if there are any black spots or smears around the perimeter of the mattress. If there are, inform management that you won't be staying there. Also, look behind the headboard, under picture frames, pull out the nightstand drawer and inspect the backside of the drawer, between the bed platform and the mattress, anywhere they can hide.
Bringing them home can set you back a thousand dollars, easily as eliminating them is a lengthy process, often with several callbacks for the pest control folks.
Little hint, if you have them and treat them yourselves, be sure to remove the vaccuum bag and remove it from the house, as they can reinfest very easily. Also, items you don't care to spray with insecticide,if small enough can be put in a freezer for several days and that will kill the bugs and the larvae..( overbag the item in a plastic bag, for obvious reasons.)
I dont envy Nike right now for this. Besides losing sales days in a very expensive flagship store, their employees also lose wages and have the extra work when they return, dealing with the problem. Not to mention the PR nightmare it must be.

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