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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We love dreamers

Lost in the latest depressing news in the Chasse killing yesterday was a "travel rally" headed up by Portland's mayor. He should know about that topic -- it seems as though he's been running out of town on weekends ever since he took office and was immediately disgraced. But not to knock the city's initiative in bringing visitors here. It's already paying off, as shown by this photo snapped just this morning on Vera Katz Esplanade.

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I assume that is the fellow's home.

This may be the new wave of the future.
Eco living. We will need to replace our roads with lanes to accommodate the bikes and transportable homes. Then at night, pay to park and plug in one's home. The creative class may be able to afford these transportable homes. After the 10 year tax abatement, many others may find they need these affordable units. The debt may force many more into portable micro units. Of course, the transportable homes will be architecturally enhanced and green. We will not be known anymore as stumptown, but as the hunchbacks of Portland carrying the debt load on our backs.

Maybe there's a Victor Hugo type lurking these threads!

I walked past the square yesterday as the 'rally' was breaking up. Got panhandled five times as I tried to get a closer look.

To truly be eco-friendly there ought to be solar panels on the top. And is there room for a composting toilet? Or will they just visit Randy's Loo?

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