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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The postman only rang once

Man, this primary election is a snooze. Even the flow of direct mail election porn is a mere trickle. Here's all we've gotten so far this week:

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Incumbents have the most to gain by lack of excitment and low voter turnout.

If Bob Stacey is the "environmental" Metro President candidate, why did he:

1. Print a sleek campaign mailer on non-recyclable, coated paper,

2. Have them delivered using the U.S. Postal Service's massive, gas-guzzling fleet of gasoline powered, single-occupant motor vehicles that,

3. Occupy and damage hundreds of miles of impervious asphalt roadway surfaces that cause water pollution and disrupt sound planning, while

4. being dependent on foreign oil for everything from producing the inks, logging the trees, manufacturing the paper and chemicals and ink, to delivering the mail, to the roads that the mail trucks drive on?

Sounds like he could have chosen a much more environmentally friendly method to getting his message out...like...radio...or TV exposure.

(Now, since he mentioned "improving buses..." in his sleek mailer what exactly is his position on that? Is it like everyone else at Metro - ignore it, and the problem will just magically go away (buried under the light rail and streetcar and WES debt?))

Stacey is yet another GRADE A PUTZ that needs to be sent out into the cold, cruel world without a fat public paycheck.

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