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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sometimes a fantasy is all you need

As the Portland Development Commission skims $10 million (all borrowed, of course) off the SoWhat District "urban renewal" pot today for the crazy new light rail train to Milwaukie, check out the latest snake oil about all the new employment that the train is going to "support":

In addition, based on Metro forecasts, project benefits include support for:

• Nearly 100,000 new jobs along the corridor by 2030, driven by growth at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland State University (PSU), and in SE Portland and north Clackamas County

• Nearly 40,000 new jobs in downtown Portland within the next 25 years

• More than 9,900 residents and 13,600 jobs in South Waterfront by 2030

And that's supposedly on top of 8,000 to 8,800 short-term construction-related jobs.

No wonder Rex Burkholder's TV ad looks like a bunch of people on hallucinogenic drugs. The people at Metro are obviously on some bad acid.

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Nearly 100,000 new jobs along the corridor by 2030, driven by growth at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

I'm pretty sure all of OHSU's job growth is happening in Florida.

They might be including all the drug dealers and drug dealing that will be part of the Orange line in those job figures.

How much job growth would OHSU have without the light rail?

40,000 jobs downtown? In what alternate reality do they come up with that? The fact is, according to the PBA, downtown has LOST 30,000 jobs over the last decade or so.

I think their math is off by a factor of 10,000.

At least they aren't taking credit for creating the predicted future jobs. Still, it makes me mad to read what I believe is a lot of BS.

Through relentless repetition and baseless "studies" they now actually believe that these rail projects constitute economic development in and of themselves.

Now they just have to convince themselves that somehow a rail line also constitutes public safety and water service, and the city can abdicate those responsibilities as well. Can light rail cars also be considered "schools"? We ought to look into that.

"Trains: Portland's ready solution to every problem."

There is really not much hope of getting things changed here in Portland. With the latest trend from Portland’s new age community to have pox parties instead of having their children vaccinated, can we extrapolate from this mentality that the pyramid worshipers believe this stuff so same sleaze balls will get reelected and PDC will have continued support.

If all it was is someone's fantasy that would be one thing.

But the entire boards at TriMet, Metro, PDC, city of Portland and every other council and commission in sight believe this stuff without the slightest regard for their fiduciary responsibility or the concepts of official oversight and due diligence.

What can we do but line up their names and shame them with widespread community disdain?

I'm not sure we can handle that many more panhandlers downtown.

And, Metro lost its softball game last night 24-3; perhaps an omen?

All 40,000 people will be employed in the same field: creating studies for METRO.

Ben - Unfortunately, they are like those weird SciFi monsters that feed on the energy of the human weapons directed against them. They EAT our criticism and disdain. Watch for a Goldschmidt comeback when the current thieves have made even him look good to the simple-minded Portland voter. It may help when the Oregonian, their mouthpiece, goes broke, but til then, hunker down.

Just ran across this funny joke on the KGW website - Sam Adams, at the announcement of his Polizeiputsch:

"Adams said he wanted to get city bureaus refocused on what he called 'core missions'".

Nearly 100,000 new jobs along the corridor by 2030, driven by growth at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland State University (PSU), and in SE Portland and north Clackamas County

I'd sure like to see where these jobs are going to be...does Metro/TriMet/City of Portland have a magic plan to uproot Union Pacific's Brooklyn Yard, redevelop the TriMet Center Street Garage and Fred Hansen's Ivory Tower, the PGE central warehouse and facility, the Eastmoreland Golf Course, the Eastmoreland Park, the Fred Meyer Main Office, the Westgate industrial area, and the Darigold dairy plant and surrounding industrial area?

There's still PLENTY of developable land along the original MAX Blue Line - not to mention plenty of land along the Red Line up at the Cascade Station "mixed-use development" that became nothing more than a strip mall anchored by the Swedish WalMart (a.k.a. IKEA) which boasts one of Portland's largest retail parking lots right next to one of Portland's least used MAX stations.

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