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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy pickin's for Kroger

Let's see. The guy's under criminal investigation, sneaks around tonguing teenagers, assassinates the political careers of his opponents, buys off reporters with jobs for which they aren't qualified, admits he has a terrible time telling the truth about anything, is reneging on his debts, drives recklessly (or worse), can't file his financial disclosure forms on time -- do you think he'd be cutting square corners on his taxes?

Who knows? Maybe he would be. I'm just asking.

Maybe the state Department of Revenue should be, too.

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One thing we don't have to worry about is Kroger being camera shy.
I see him on the news as much as I used to see Sam before the drama.

You put the old Sam, Kroger and Gloria Allred near a TV camera and they could implode the universe.

I've also heard he's banging out press releases at warp drive speeds.

Either Kroger's Kids have found plenty to investigate, or this is a political coverup of Goldschmidtian proportions.

A brief affair followed by two years of lies shouldn't require two years of investigation. Two months seems excessive if you have multiple staff members on the case.

Is it just me who is wondering how long it will take our State A.G. to wrap up his investigation of Scam Adams? The Oregon State Police wrap up murder investigations in less time. Let's get this investigation done Mr. Kroger!

Well, it obviously makes him the BEST choice as mayor of this city. Gotta love him (or he may make you love him).

Every wonder why our community looks into the character of our elected officials.....after they're elected.

Good question, Jack....with your wide web of legal types, can't you pry something loose about Kroger's investigation?

Just (VERY) curious.

Gotta love him (or he may make you love him).

But isn't that the kind of behavior that got Sam into trouble?

Maybe Kroger is timing the release of his findings to coincide with the recall effort. For maximum effect and to make it timely, help of harm, one way or the other.

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