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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Sam can't pay his mortgage

An alert reader points out that one reason that Portland's creepy mayor is delinquent on his mortgage payments might be that he's chronically late in filing financial disclosure forms with the state -- and for those transgressions, he's regularly fined, it appears. This year, the fine reportedly was $440. The forms are due on April 15 every year. According to our informant, here are the forms that Adams filed, and what they show they cost him because they were late:

2009 - received June 8 - fine $440
2008 - filed on time
2007 - received May 24 - fine illegible
2006 - received May 30 - fine $50
2005 - received May 26 - fine $45
When forms are filed late, one might logically ask what else is wrong with them. Perhaps readers can take a look and enlighten us. In the meantime, I'm sure the mayor's anxious bankers will be particularly frustrated to see this year's $440 fly out the door. That's just the way he is, fellows.

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It might be "private issue", but it's also a telling character issue. Maybe he should contact Bubba and get some PR advise.

I love how "none" is the default answer here, even to the question about relatives. He really had no relatives in 2008? None? Have his parents and siblings all passed on?

He really has no investments. He is living paycheck to paycheck. I agree David, while one could argue this may be a private matter, this only goes to show his complete incompetence. It doesn't even appear as if he is trying anymore.

These documents show that there is income from the rental houses. If there is income, why isn't that going towards the mortgage payments?

How do his renters feel about this?

The totality of his reality reads like a cross between a campy John Waters' movie and a Shakespearean comedy/tragedy (they blend wonderfully in my opinion).

The polarizing element is that he is "our" mayor, if you voted for him or not. I find the most laughable part of the equation is that Sam pandered to the "creative class" in order to get elected.

Most of these people are new transplants with absolutely no knowledge of Sam/Vera/Homer or what a good mayor like Bud Clark meant to this city.

Oh well, I hope Phil Stanford is taking notes for his next expose....

In the interest in broader understanding for all, let's review.

Creepy Dude makes out with 17 year old in a city hall mens room.
Creepy Dude lies to get elected.
Creepy Dude drives around with his pants open and smashes into other cars.
Creepy Dude misses payments on multiple

But Portland needs him?

Have I missed anything?

Although the details of the disintegration of Anna Griffin's Midnight Gardener are certainly worth documenting, the loss of the Metolius Basin will probably have longer term consequences for the people of Portland and of the state to which this city is so tenuously attached:

Just yesterday that bipartisan appeal failed to move sufficient legislators to look beyond the short-term gains for the employers of importuning lobbyists:

The absence of any mention on this blog of this prominent effort to preserve a truly unique location is a measure of the extent to which the eddy of distraction invented by our narcissistic mayor has consumed so much otherwise creative energy. It is unfortunate that every revelation of Mr Adams's financial embarrassment only makes clearer why he will not resign from the only apparent source of income at his disposal.

You're right Gardiner M.
At this point he appears almost to be trying to turn it into a tragic, drawn-out soap-opera like epic so that it will make a better book deal. If he would have just resigned in January, he could have salvaged a scrap of dignity and perhaps become a B-list, kitschy celeb like Blagojevitch.

Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock
Time is running out Sammy.

Z - Those who cannot learn from history (or never bothered to learn it in the first place) are doomed to repeat it. Gone are the days when grass roots campaigns like Bud Clark's and Margaret Strachan's could even be successful. The almighty developer dollars now rule the political process in this city.

I don't understand the contention: "The almighty developer dollars now rule the political process in this city"

It seems to me that it is the arrogant, corrupt, misdirected politicians that build bureaucracy and their constituants within that bureaucracy that cause more problems than developers. Portland is overstaffed, overpaid, and doesn't have a clue how the private sector (or developers) operate. They pursue Paulson-like projects to butress their egos and career aspirations instead of being the "public servants" they signed up to be. Developers and development certainly "grease the skids" at times, but it is the crooked politicians that invite this.

Meanwhile, the O is reporting that the bill that would protect the Metolius Basin is not yet without a hint of life:

Now that his address and photos of his home are out everywhere, he needs to rethink his safety. Especially by the looks of that front door. Seriously, I despise the lying crud but I think he ought to get some protection or relocate for a while, cuz the last thing we need is someone trying to do him harm up close and giving him a chance to play the victim card in the media - more than he already has that is.

We should pay Sam's mortgage, other debt, bar / escort / lawyer tabs, etc. so he doesn't feel the need to take bribes. It would be a lot cheaper than him giving away $100 million of our money so he can get a $1 million kickback. He's got to be thinking about how he's going to make ends meet when he gets canned.

Adams claims that he got behind in his mortgage due to legal expenses related to the AG's investigation. However, records indicate that he owes for the 2/01/09 payment. Why would he have incurred legal expenses at that point??

PD. Sorry but when the city uses eminent domain to condemn a lot and then sells it to a major developer for less than fair market value, I don't think bureaucracy had anything to do with it. I think developers who want to buy the political process to serve their own ends do have a lot to do with it. And that's what I mean about the almighty developer dollars being motivated to buy campaigns in this city. Unless you actually lived here and worked on political campaigns in the late 70s and early 80s like I did, I don't really have a lot more to say to you because I am coming from a really different place.

Menefree, I think the Metolius Basin issue could be resolved when the bill has the attachment that Senator Johnson and Burdick and all the other home owners along the upper Metolius are required to sell their homes for removal to "protect the unique nature of this extraordinary basin".

I think I know what to outcome of the vote would be.

sorry, "to" should be "the".

"Sorry but when the city uses eminent domain to condemn a lot and then sells it to a major developer for less than fair market value, I don't think bureaucracy had anything to do with it. "

That's exactly the problem. The CITY uses eminent domain to acquire property, then they sell it to a developer. The problem here is not the developer, it's the City and the bureaucracy that has over-reaching planning objectives and development aspirations. Think PDC. If the City didn't play developer themselves the door wouldn't be open the way that it is.

The city that works in many mysterious ways.

They bought the Holman building on the east bank for $2.4 million, including money for renovation, and then sold it to Group McKenzie engineering firm for 400K without marketing the building.

Group Mckenzie does biz with the city, owned and benefited from zone changes to their prior lacation in SoWa, and their President was the chair of the SoWa urban renewal advisory committee.

Nice public private partnership, eh?

The only way Creepy hasn't been able to pay his bills is because his salary and rental income is going somewhere else.

It could be anything with Creepy. Lawyers, nasty addictions or vice habits, blackmail or something.

Ben, yes, Adams's cash has been going elsewhere -- to BeauB, as we learned yesterday (22Jun; see this blog on the 22nd and especially the 23rd) from Kroger's report, via the O. So far, however, only $750 has been accounted for; but the liars' banquet disseminated by Kroger may eventually suggest additional accountings.

Meanwhile, five(5) Dems have reversed their nays on Metolius Basin protection and the bill has been sent to Kulo, who worked the phones on the dissenting legislators. Perhaps, lw, the gain for Burdick needs to be measured against the lasting benefits McCall foresaw for all of us.

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