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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Portland classic

Here's a long-running soap opera that we hope is now over.

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Trust is essential for a functioning society. This lawyer and the LA cop charged with murder are continuing a pattern of destroying trust. And then there's Congress When will we turn this around? Is it up to us, our chosen leaders or both?

Unfortunately, there is plenty of material for soaps and Doonesbury still in Oregon. I have commented before on prominent lawyers involved in conservatorship abuse and how one of their front guys now has an attorney-in-charge position in the AG's office.

Whether John Kroger is able to fund a civil rights division or not, he needs to find a way to investigate these kinds good ole problems, even if he doesn't think he has "political capital". It isn't necessary. I voted for him for intelligence and clear abilitly to evaluate evidence independently and to think for himself. It freaks me out that local politicos are hanging around trying to influence him.

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